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Wireless Lighting Control Market Overview
• The use of wireless technologies to interconnect lighting
control devices has been around for several years
• The key benefit versus wired is installation savings and
• While many manufacturers offer wireless products, the
commercial wireless occupancy sensor market to date has had
only a few relevant players
• Two main product categories -- System & Standalone
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Standalone Wireless Controls
• Single room indoor applications (offices, restrooms, hallways,
break rooms, storage rooms, etc.)
• Contractor or end-user is able to fully install and deploy
without factory startup or training
• Low cost, great for ROI sensitive renovation projects
• Perfect for stock & flow distribution sales
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Wireless System Controls
• Multi-room networked applications with dynamic control
requirements (i.e. time-based, regrouping, status monitoring)
• Fixture level control applications (i.e. parking garage,
industrial, street or parking lot lighting)
• Typically requires factory startup
• Generally requires project design and specification
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Wireless Sensor Technology Overview
• Passive Infrared (PIR) occupancy detection technology requires
low power making it relatively simple to incorporate into
devices that are self-powered (either via battery or light harvesting)
• Ultrasonic occupancy detection technology requires much
higher power when compared to PIR technology
• As a result no manufacturers currently offer a self-powered
dual technology sensor, thus limiting the applications of
wireless lighting controls relative to wired controls (e.g. they
provide inadequate coverage of areas with obstructions)
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Introducing the market’s first…
Wireless Dual
Occupancy Sensor!
• Battery powered with an estimated 10 yr. life
• Passive Infrared (PIR) – two coverage options (small motion
and walking motion)
• Optional Microphonics™ Dual Technology for overlapping
detection in areas with obstructions
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Wireless Sensor Features
Extended Base
for Batteries
(two AA Lithium 1.5V
batteries included)
(under cover)
Dual Technology
Matte finish
Passive Infrared (PIR)
(two lens options:
small motion, walking motion)
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Wireless Switch / Load Controller Features
Large Soft-Click
Auto On or
Manual On
Operating Modes
LED Indicators
Matches Style of
Switch Family
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Switch Wiring & Electrical Features
• Interchangeable
line & load wires
• Switches
fluorescent, LED, or
• Integrated in-rush current protection
• Neutral connection required – no
leakage to load & no minimum load
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RDT™ Wireless Technical Details
• RDT is Acuity Controls name for the
wireless technology used in Sensor
Switch and xCELLA products
• Low power technology based on
EnOcean® wireless
• 902 MHz RF Frequency – excellent for going through obstructions
LINE OF SIGHT: >100 ft. (31 m); e.g. corridor
PLASTERBOARD / DRY WOOD: 98 ft. (30 m), max 5 walls
CONCRETE: 32 ft. (10 m), max 1 wall/ceiling
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Pairing Devices
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Applications Diagrams
Single Level Control
Up to 20 paired
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Applications Diagrams
Bi-Level Control
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Applications Diagrams
Multiway (3-Way) Control
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Model Numbers
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Retail Packaging
• Clear window to view
the product
• Integrated hang tabs for
easy merchandising
• Promotes:
– Energy Savings
– Ease of Installation and
– Lighting compatibility
• Lists electrical and
coverage specifications
Contact Value Stream for ordering details!
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Two Versions!
English / Spanish
English / French
Additional Compatible Devices
xCella Product Family Devices
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Launch Kit
– SPODMR WR & CM PDT 9 WR Demo Displays (prepaired)
– Launch Info Binder
• Sales Presentation
• Data Sheet
• Competitive Information
• Pricing
– Cloth bags to store the demo units
– C&I agents will be sent one kit
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RDT Wireless on the Web
• Launch materials can be found at this link:
• Demonstration videos are available on YouTube and via the
QR Code below:
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Q1. Is dimming available?
A1. The xCella product line should be utilized for
dimming applications
Q2. Are the wireless products stocked in the DC’s?
A2. Initial stock positions have been created at MWDC,
Q3. Will the wireless products interface with nLight®?
A3. There are no active projects to implement this
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Important Technical Points
(taken from Instruction Sheet)
• When paired with CM xx WR series PIR
sensors, the Occupancy Time Delay can be
set from the switch or from the sensor
• When paired with CM PDT xx WR series Dual
Tech sensors, the Occupancy Time Delay
must be set from the sensor and only after it
is paired with the SPODMR WR switch. This
ensures that the sensor’s internal
Microphonics time delay matches the
switch’s Occupancy Time Delay.
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Important Technical Points
(taken from Instruction Sheet)
• The Heartbeat Setting represents how often
the sensor will transmit status information
to the switch.
• If the Occupancy Time Delay is set to 10
minutes with a 5 minute sensor Heartbeat
Setting, the “actual” time it will take for the
sensor to turn the lights off after leaving a
space is between 10 and 15 minutes,
depending on how long after the last
heartbeat transmission the space was
• See online video for further explanation
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