How to use NOW

How to use NOW
Angela Donaldson - Liaison Librarian, Law
Boots Library
0115 8482893
You can access your NTU
email account from here
You can view your
timetable here –
check this regularly
Use the drop-down
menu to find the
correct week
Click on the My
Home button to
return to your
home page
From the home
page, you can
access your Home
Directory (H drive)
which is your own
storage area on
the NTU network
Return to your
NOW Home Page at
any time by clicking
the My Home
button in the top
Scroll down within
your Home Page to
see the Library Search
The Catalogue Quick
Search box allows you to
search the Boots Library
stock directly from NOW
The Access eSearch link will
allow you to launch the
library’s databases, including
the legal ones.
To view the content of a
Learning Room, click on the
Learning Room name
A new menu appears on
the lower left hand side.
Click on Content to see
the main content of the
Learning Room.
Individual items of
content will be listed here.
Click on individual items
to access them.
Content items may be
Word files, Powerpoint
files, PDFs or html files.
Clicking on
Learning Room
will always
take you back
to the
Room’s front
If any relevant web
links have been
identified for the
Learning Room, they
will be listed under
Depending on how the
Module Leader has set up
the Learning Room, you
may see other headings on
the lower left menu,
including Assessments,
FAQs or Glossary.
Remember that
the My Home
link will always
return you to
your NOW Home
For help and support with
NOW, contact staff at the
Information Desk in the Boots
Library, or email