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What is CDM?
 CDM offers North Carolina students the opportunity to
personalize and accelerate their learning by earning course
credit through a demonstration of mastery of course material.
 The State Board of Education defines "mastery" as a student's
command of course material at a level that demonstrates a deep
understanding of the content standards and the ability to apply
his or her knowledge of the material.
 If a student demonstrates mastery for a certain course's content,
he or she will receive credit without having to be seated in the
How does CDM work?
Students shall demonstrate mastery through a
multi-phase assessment:
 Phase 1: A standard examination, which shall be the EOC
when applicable, or a final exam developed locally
 Phase 2: An artifact which requires the student to apply
knowledge and skills relevant to the content standards
 The district may include an additional requirement, such as a
performance task.
Phase I Requirements
For EOC Courses (Math I, Biology, and English II),
students must achieve a Level IV to proceed to Phase
II of CDM.
For eligible CTE courses, students must achieve a
scale score of 93 on the state CTE Post-Assessment to
proceed to Phase II of CDM.
For locally developed exams, students must achieve a
94 or higher to proceed to Phase II of CDM.
Courses NOT eligible for CDM
 Work-based CTE courses (i.e. Internship)
 CTE courses that have a clinical requirement (i.e. Nursing
 CTE Advanced Studies courses
 English Language Learner (ELL) courses
 Healthful Living (i.e. Required Health/PE)
 AP courses
CDM Timeline
 Mt. Airy High School will begin offering CDM for courses beginning
in the 2015-2016 school year.
 3 testing windows to allow students to earn CDM:
 Last 2 weeks of February
 Last 2 weeks of July
 Last 2 weeks of September
 Students MUST apply for CDM for Fall 2015 classes by January
20th, 2015.
 If applicable, Phase II will take place in March.
 CDM decisions will be made in mid-April.
Appeal Process
Students/Parents can appeal a decision in writing
within 10 days of receiving notification that an
attempt for CDM was unsuccessful.
EOC scores cannot be appealed.
A review panel will conduct an appeals review within
10 days of recieving an appeal request.
Implications for CDM
 Students who successfully demonstrate mastery for a course will receive credit,
which will count toward graduation requirements.
 Students will not recieve a letter or number grade for CDM credit, and therefore, it
will not affect his or her GPA or class rank.
 Students are not penalized for an unsuccessful attempt, but may not attempt to get
CDM for any given course more than once.
 Students may not receive CDM credit for Honors-level courses.
 According to the NCHSAA, students must be enrolled in at least 3 courses in order to
participate in high school athletics.
 CDM courses will not be used in the NCAA's initial eligibility process.
 Students who gain CDM for CTE courses will not be eligible for articulated credit at
the community college.
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