File - Zenon Company

Shelters, Gazebos & Pergolas
• Specializes in the manufacturing of shelters,
gazebos, pergolas and other park structures
• Litchfield offers a complete line of standard
models and sizes as well as customization
• 6-stage process that includes an epoxy TGIC
powder coating zinc rich primer
Types of Shelters
Pittsburgh Shelters:
• All steel shelter with a 24 ga. R-Panel pre-cut metal roof
• Optional 24 ga. standing seam pre-cut metal roof
Steel Beam Shelters:
• Steel frame shelter with tongue & groove wood roof decking
• Roof choices include: 29 ga. Max-Rib pre-cut metal roof, 26 ga.
standing seam pre-cut metal roof, fiberglass and cedar shingles
Wood Frame Shelters:
• Includes glu-lam and heavy timber wood framework
• Same roofing options as steel beam
Electrical accommodations can be made for all shelter types
Pittsburgh Octagonal Tri-Top
Steel Beam Chalet
Pittsburgh Gable End T-Shelter
Rectangular Solid Arch
Laminated Square
Rectangular Solid Arch
Pittsburgh Gable End
Pittsburgh Hexagonal
Deerfield Gazebo
New Englander Gazebo
Brentwood Gazebo
Colonial Gazebo
Stafford Gazebo
Stafford Gazebo
Pagoda Gazebo
Brentwood Gazebo
Raritan Bay Curved Beam
Boulevard Straight Beam
Raritan Bay Curved Beam
Centennial Series Beam
Arborview Curved Beam
Town Square Curved Beam
Senn Park Curved Beam
Cabana Style
Zinc-Loc Steel Frame Colors
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