Grade 9 to 10 Transitioning - North Battleford Comprehensive High

What happens now?
Do you like to learn?
Do you like to talk and express your
Do you like to be organized?
Are you planning on going to university?
Do you want to be well prepared for your
Would you like to be the best you can be?
A good work ethic
Time management skills
Intellectual curiosity
Excellent attendance
A commitment to homework
2 year course in Grade 11 and 12
Designed for students who like to learn.
DP students study 6 different subject areas.
DP candidates also
◦ Write a 4000 word essay
◦ Complete 50 hours of creativity, 50 hours of action
and 50 hours of service = 150 hours
◦ Study Theory of Knowledge - a thinking class
English 10 E (2 classes)
History 10 E (1 class)
Math 10/20 E
W/F/ P.C.F (2 classes)
French 10 Oral and 10E ( 2 classes)
Science 10 E and Biology 20 IB (2 classes
3 spots for electives
English HL
French HL
◦ History HL/SL
◦ Biology SL
◦ Chemistry SL/HL
◦ Physics SL
◦ Mathematics SL
◦ Theatre Arts SL
HL subjects are higher level subjects. Most
universities offer a university credit for HL
subjects if you get a mark of 5, 6 or 7.
SL subjects are standard level subjects. Some
universities and more and more all the time,
are offering credit for SL subjects too.
3 HL and 3 SL subjects make up a diploma.
What if I don’t like a certain subject?
What if I have difficulty in a certain subject?
What if I’m too busy to do the Diploma?
Then, you are a certificate student!
You do not write the Extended Essay, do the
Creativity, Action Service hours or study TOK.
You will receive university credit if achieved.
Final IB marks range from 0 – 7.
A boost of 0 – 7 may be given to students
who work hard. This reflects the increased
difficulty of work.
Universities usually take one’s best mark and
usually only give credit for a 5, 6, or 7 in HL
classes. As more Canadian universities
understand IB, credit is being given for TOK
and SL classes.
● Teachers are specially trained.
● Emphasis is on the process – not just the answer.
● There are 1,074,000 IB students worldwide.
● IB is taught in 144 countries, in 3513 schools.
● There is a positive learning environment because people in
your class want to learn 
● Students develop excellent work habits in preparation for
● IB is the highest academic diploma programme available in
the Battlefords.
● IB banquet in May recognizes the
accomplishments of all IB students!
● IB Conference in Saskatoon at the U of S!
● Subject blogs!
● Peer support!
● Study groups!
● Comp In Action (CIA) – an extracurricular club
that works at making the world a better place!
International Baccalaureate
North Battleford Comprehensive
High School
Allison Hawryliw
Enriched/IB Coordinator
[email protected]