Contact us: “SIT – Senior International Tourism” c/o FEDERANZIANI

Dear Sir,
we are the SIT "Senior International Tourism" of Federanziani, we want to inform you that on
September 28 we celebrate the World Day of elders and grandparents, organized by the
Pontifical Council for the Family ( with a very important and significant event
desired by the Holy Father, "the Blessing of the Long Life"; the meeting between the Pope and
the elderly will take place with the opening of St. Peter's Square at 7:30 am. At 9 am the
beginning of the day of celebration, which will culminate at 10.30 with a Mass presided by His
Below there is the list of various Religious Institutes available:
Casa Giovanni Paolo II
Casa Mater Mundi
Istituto Orsoline
Casa de Osso
Villa Paola
Cittadella Taddeide
Casa Giovanni XXIII
Prices from 45 € per person with bed and breakfast
Contact us: “SIT – Senior International Tourism” c/o FEDERANZIANI - [email protected]
Telephone 06.53273350 - Fax 06.92933876
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