Alessio Bellucci Curriculum Vitae Education PhD in Physical

Alessio Bellucci
Curriculum Vitae
PhD in Physical Oceanography at the Southampton Oceanography Centre, UK (19992003), funded by a EU Marie Curie Grant awarded under the Training and Mobility of
Researchers (TMR) programme (Grant Nr. ERB4001GT974882).
Project: Free and Forced Variability in the North Atlantic Ocean
Degree in Scienze Nautiche at the Università Parthenope, Napoli, Italia (1997)
final mark 110 / 110 summa cum laude.
Subject: Dispersion of passive tracers in semi-enclosed basins in recirculating flows.
Professional Experiences
July 2006 – Present : Scientist at the CMCC (Centro Euro-Mediterraneo per i
Cambiamenti Climatici, Bologna, Italy). Coordinator of the Climate Prediction Group
(SERC Division).
During this period I have been involved in the following EU projects and initiatives:
ENSEMBLES (ENSEMBLE-based Predictions of Climate Changes and their Impacts) :
Studies on decadal variability and predictability in the North Atlantic, using the SXG
climate model (Bellucci et al., 2008).
Analysis of tropical biases in CMIP3 models, with a specific focus on the double-ITCZ
model systematic error (Bellucci et al., 2009).
CIRCE (Climate Change and Impact Research: the Mediterranean Environment) :
Development of a global coupled general circulation model, with a nested high-resolution
regional model for the Mediterranean Sea, aimed at the study of climate change impacts
on the Mediterranean environment (Gualdi et al., 2012).
COMBINE (Comprehensive Modelling of the Earth System for Better Climate Prediction
and Projection; Work Package leader): Development of a Decadal Prediction System,
based on the CMCC-CM model, and production of CMIP5 decadal prediction experiments
(Bellucci et al., 2012a). Analysis of COMBINE multi-model ensemble of decadal
predictions (Bellucci et al., 2012b).
CLIM-RUN (Climate Local Information in the Medterranean region Responding to User
Needs): I was involved in the WP2 (New Climate modelling and analysis tools) activities,
and (as member of the Climate Expert Team) in the WP8 North Adriatic Integrated case
JPI- CLIMATE (Joint Programming Initiative “Climate”) : I actively took part to the
preparation of the Strategic Research Agenda for Module 1 and co-authored a Fast Track
Activity on “Decadal predictions including relevant observation, understanding, processes.”
July 2005 – June 2006 : Post-doc at the Istituto Nazionale Geofisica e Vulcanologia,
Bologna (Italy) working on the EU ENSEMBLES (ENSEMBLE-based Predictions of
Climate Changes and their Impacts) Project.
July 2002-June 2005: Post-doc at the Istituto Nazionale Geofisica e Vulcanologia,
Bologna (Italy) working on the EU ENACT (Enhanced Ocean Data Assimilation and
Climate Prediction) Project : Development of a global ocean data assimilation system
(Bellucci et al., 2007).
February 1998 – December 1998: Fellowship at the Osservatorio Geofisico Sperimentale,
Trieste (Italy) working on the EU MATER (MAss Transfer and Ecosystem Response)
September 1997- December 1997: Research contract at the Università Parthenope,
Napoli (Italy; former Istituto Universitario Navale), working on “Processing of lagrangian
data aimed to the evaluation of passive tracer residence times in the Strait of Sicily and the
Adriatic Sea”
Teaching Activities
Lecturer of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics for the PhD Programme in Science and
Management of Climate Change, University of Venice (2010 - present)
Member of the Scientific Board for the PhD Programme in Science and Management of
Climate Change, University of Venice (since April 2014)
Assistant for the MSc course on Introductory Physical Oceanography at Southampton
University, Southampton, UK (year 2000)
I am currently supervising two PhD students, for the PhD in Science and Management of
Climate Change, University of Venice.
Courses and Summer Schools
Geophysical and Environmental Fluid Dynamics Summer School, September 1999,
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Cambridge, UK
Postgraduate courses on Climate Dynamics (J.Marotzke, John Shepherd), Large-scale
Oceanography (K. Richards) and Ocean Modelling (N.Wells) at Southampton University,
Southampton, UK.
Course on Mediterranean Sea(s) Circulation and Ecosystem Functioning, November 1998,
International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy
School in Environmental and Echodynamics Modelling, June 1997, Sabaudia, Italy
Review activity
Reviewer for Climate Dynamics, Deep-Sea Research and Journal of Climate.
Peer review publications
Bellucci, A., G. Buffoni, A. Griffa and E. Zambianchi, 2001: Estimation of residence times
in semi-enclosed basins with steady flows, Dynamics of Atmosphere and Oceans, 33, 201218.
Bellucci, A. and K.J. Richards, 2006: Effects of NAO variability on the North Atlantic
Ocean circulation, Geophysical Research Letters, 33, L02612. DOI:10.1029/2005GL024890
Bellucci, A. , S. Masina, P. Dipietro and A. Navarra, 2007: Using temperature-salinity
relations in a global ocean implementation of a multivariate multivariate data assimilation
scheme, Monthly Weather Review, 135, 3785-3807, DOI: 10.1175/2007MWR1821.1
Bellucci, A. , S. Gualdi, E. Scoccimarro and A. Navarra, 2008: NAO-ocean interactions in
a coupled general circulation model, Climate Dynamics, 31, 759-777, DOI
Bellucci, A. , S. Gualdi, and A. Navarra, 2010: The double-ITCZ syndrome in coupled
general circulation models: the role of large-scale vertical circulation regimes, Journal of
Climate, 23(5), 1127-1145, DOI: 10.1175/2009JCLI3002.1.
Scoccimarro E., S. Gualdi, A. Bellucci, A. Sanna, P.G. Fogli, E. Manzini, M. Vichi, P.
Oddo, and A. Navarra, 2011: Effects of Tropical Cyclones on Ocean Heat Transport in a
High Resolution Coupled General Circulation Model, Journal of Climate, 24, 4368-4384.
Manzini, E., C. Cagnazzo, P.G. Fogli, A. Bellucci and W. Müller, 2012: StratosphereTroposphere coupling at inter-decadal time scales: Implications for the North Atlantic
Ocean, Geophysical Research Letters, 39, L05801. DOI: 10.1029/2011GL050771
Gualdi S., S. Somot, L. Li, V. Artale, M. Adani, A. Bellucci, A. Braun, S Calmanti, A.
Carillo, A Dell’Aquila, M. Deque, C. Dubois, A. Elizalde, A. Harzallah, D. Jacob, B.
Lheveder, W. May, P. Oddo, P. Ruti, A. Sanna, G. Sannino, F. Sevault, E. Scoccimarro
and A. Navarra, 2013: The CIRCE simulations: a new set of regional climate change
projections performed with a realistic representation of the Mediterranean Sea., Bulletin of
American Meteorological Society, 94, 65-81, DOI:
Bellucci, A. , S. Gualdi, S. Masina, A. Storto, E. Scoccimarro, C. Cagnazzo, P. Fogli, E.
Manzini and A. Navarra, 2013: Decadal climate predictions with a coupled OAGCM
initialized with oceanic reanalyses, Climate Dynamics, 40,1483-1497, DOI:
Scoccimarro, E., S. Gualdi, A. Bellucci, M. Zampieri and A. Navarra, 2013: Heavy
precipitation events in a warmer climate: results from CMIP5 models, J. Climate, 26,
7902–7911, DOI:
Ba, Jin, N. S. Keenlyside, M. Latif, W. Park, H. Ding, K. Lohmann, J. Mignot, M. Menary,
O.H. Ottera, B. Wouters, D. Salas y Melia, A. Oka, A. Bellucci, E. Volodin, 2014: A multimodel comparison for Atlantic multidecadal variability, Climate Dynamics,
Bellucci, A. , R. Haarsma, S. Gualdi, P. Athanasiadis and Co-Workers, 2014: An
assessment of a multi-model ensemble of decadal climate predictions,
Climate Dynamics, DOI:10.1007/s00382-014-2164-y.
 Submitted publications
Materia, S., A. Borrelli, A. Bellucci, A. Alessandri, P. Di Pietro, P. Athanasiadis, A.
Navarra and S. Gualdi, 2014: Impact of atmosphere and land surface initial conditions on
seasonal forecast of global surface temperature, Journal of Climate, under review.
Scoccimarro, E., S. Gualdi, A. Bellucci, M. Zampieri, A. Navarra, 2014: Heavy
precipitation events over the Euro-Mediterranean region in a warmer climate: results from
CMIP5 models, Journal of Climate, under review.
Athanasiadis P. J. , A. Bellucci, L. Hermanson, A. A. Scaife, C. MacLachlan, A. Arribas,
S. Materia, A. Borrelli and S. Gualdi, 2014: The representation of atmospheric blocking
and the associated low-frequency variability in two seasonal prediction systems, Journal
of Climate, under review.
Gualdi S., S. Somot, W. May, S. Castellari, Michel Deque, M. Adani, V. Artale, A Bellucci
and Co-authors, 2011. Future Climate Projections in Regional Assessment of Climate
Change in the Mediterranean. A. Navarra, L.Tubiana (eds.), Springer, Dordrecht, The
Other (non-peer review) publications
Buffoni, G., A. Bellucci, A. Griffa and E. Zambianchi, 1998: A parametric study of
dispersion processes in semi-enclosed basins, ENEA Tech. Rep.RT/INN/98/22.
Bellucci, A., A. Crise, G. Crispi and C. Solidoro, 1999: The effects of vertical mixing
parameterizations on 3-D models of pelagic ecosystem, Annals of New York Academy of
Science, 879, 392-395.
Bellucci A., S. Masina and P. Di Pietro, 2006: A multivariate optimal interpolation scheme
for data assimilation in a global ocean general circulation model, Proceedings of the
Fourth WMO International Symposium on Assimilation of Observations in Meteorology and
Oceanography, Prague, April 2005.
Gualdi. S., E. Scoccimarro, A. Bellucci, A. Grezio, E. Manzini and A. Navarra, 2006: The
main features of the 20th Century climate as simulated with the SXG coupled GCM,
CLARIS Newsletter, 4, June 2006.
M. Davey, M. Huddleston, B. Ingleby, K. Haines, P.Y. Le Traon, A. Weaver, J. Vialard, D.
Anderson, A. Troccoli, A. Vidard, G. Burgers, O. Leeuwenburgh, A. Bellucci, S. Masina,
L. Bertino, P.Korn., 2006: Multi-model multi-method multi-decadal ocean analyses from the
ENACT project, CLIVAR Exchanges, 11, June 2006.
Borrelli, A., S. Materia, A. Bellucci, A. Alessandri, S. Gualdi: Seasonal Prediction System
at CMCC, 2012. CMCC Research Paper No. 147. Available at SSRN: or
Gualdi, S. and A. Bellucci, 2013: La modellistica numerica e gli scenari del cambiamento,
Ecoscienza, 5, November 2013.
PhD thesis
Bellucci, A.,2004: Free and forced variability in the North Atlantic Ocean,
PhD thesis, University of Southampton, 111 pp.
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