The Earliest Texans

The Earliest Texans
By: Patricia Chacón
Key Questions
What does it take to change the world?
How did Spanish and French exploration
lead to European settlement in Texas?
How were Texan Native American tribes
changed by European exploration?
How does the Spanish Heritage continue in
Texas today?
Europeans Explore the World
Power and Wealth
European rulers believed that
having an empire added to a
country’s power and wealth.
The Spanish sought more
land for their empire after
Cortes defeated the Aztecs
and found great wealth.
Europeans Explore the World
Many European countries were rich and
powerful by controlling trade.
Trade goods included jewels, gold, silk
and spices.
Europeans Explore the World
New Inventions
Europeans wanted to continue
trading by faster and safer
The astrolabe helped sailors
figure out where they were by
using the positions of stars in
the sky.
European Exploration
Alonzo Alvarez de Piñeda
Panfilo de Narvaez
Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca
European Exploration
Hernan Cortez
Francisco Pizarro
Spanish Settlement in Texas
The first mission, Ysleta, was near El Paso.
They were run by Catholic priests.
Missions were surrounded by walls and
included houses, workplaces, a school, and a
Missions also had farms and ranches.
Spanish Settlement in Texas
Soldiers that arrived with the missionaries
protected the people living in and near the
They built forts or presidios for protection.
Presidio La Bahia in Goliad.
Spanish Settlements in Texas
Early Towns
San Antonio de Bexar, a Spanish settlement,
began as a mission and presidio.
The Spanish government offered free land,
money, and supplies to people who would live
in the new town.
Spanish Heritage in Texas
Spanish place names still exist
Historical sites or state parks
San Jacinto Monument
Goliad State Park and Mission Espiritu Santo
Spanish Heritage in Texas
Spanish Holidays
January 1st
Año Nuevo
January 6th
Dia de los Muertos
March 19
San Jose (Father’s Day)
Viernes Santo (Good
Dia de Pascua (Easter
May 1st
Dia del Trabajo
Oct. 12th
Dia de la Hispanidad
(Columbus Day)
Nov. 1st
Todos los Santos (All
Saints Day)
Spanish Heritage in Texas
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