By: Katie Martin, Camille Howerton,
Tyler Segraves, Matt Ongstad
Main Charaters
• Hades
• Persephone
• Zeuz
• Demeter
• Demeter, is the goddess
of the crops and harvest.
• Distraught when she cold
not find her daughter,
Demeter wandered over
the face of the earth trying
to find out what had
happened to her.
• She is known as the
motherly figure of the
• Hades, son of Cronus
and Rhea received the
Underworld for his realm,
when his brother gods,
Zeus and Poseidian
received dominion of the
sky and sea. Hades is the
enemy of all life, gods, and
men. Since nothing will
sway him, he is rarely
• Zeus is the father of
• Zeus made a deceving
plan with Hades(the god of
the underworld) and
helped Hades abduct
• Zeus tryed to save
Persephone, but because
she ate the fruit she has to
go to the underworld once
a year.
• Persephone is the
goddess of the underworld
in Greek mythology.
• She was one day picking
flowers when Hades from
the underworld abducted
Persephone and raped
playing with her
friend as Zeus
watches over
picking the flower
that changed her
Hades, whisking
Persephone off her
feet because he is
in love with her.
Demeter looking
for Persephone
Demeter burning the village child
happy with being
the queen of the
eating the seed's
that Hades gave
Persephone not happy about
leaving the underworld
finally is in love
with Hades back
in the underworld
Man vs. Metaphysical
• Zeus peered down on Persephone from the sky above.
• Hades, god of the underworld, used his majestic powers to
capture Persephone into the underworld.
Hades wanted to explain his actions to sweet Persephone.
• Demeter wanted to thank the family for their kindness. So
she attempted to offer the child the gift of imortality.
• Zeus sent his messnger Hermes to find Persephone
• In order for Persephone to come back to earth she had to be
as pure as she was when she was abducted.
MMan vs. Metiphysical lesson
• The lesson is that god's whether they are good or bad have
a lot of power. In this case they are very selfish and use it to
their ultimate advantage.
Cosmological Myths(Man vs. Nature)
• On earth everything is ripe and blooming
• Persephone above ground, spring
and summer. Underground fall and winter
• Demeter waits for Persephone to come
around again in the spring and summer,
thats when life comes again
• Persephone enjoys the time she has,
knowing that time will run out
Cosmological Lessons
• Persephone and Demeter are dependable
on eachother with time.
• Earth is dependable on Persephone,
there are two seasons to stock upon
food for the winter.
• Enjoy what you can, there is
only little time. Everything changes
Sociological man vs. Man)
Strong relationship with: Demter, Zeus,
Hades, and friends.
 Saw a flower that caught her eyes attention,
this was the flower that her father Zeus wanted
her to see.
 Persephone was lost; her mother had such
strong love for her that she went out searching for
 Hades and Persephone fall in love, but she
would rather be with her mother and father.
Sociological man vs. Man)
Demeter while searching for her daughter is
taken in by a family and soon they grow to love
 Persephone took on the role of the
Underworld Queen, but wanted to be with her
 Hades respects her wishes and lets her go
back to her family.
 Zeus send's his daughter back to Hades and
she learns to help guide people in their life, in
the Underground World as their Queen.
Sociological Lesson
 It's important to have people in your life that love and
care about you. Having good relationships with these
people will only benefit your life.
 By having special people in your life will only make all
the changes you go through in life seem a little easier to
deal with.
• At first you may not like change in your life, but if you
give it some time your thoughts may be changed.
Man Vs. Self (Pyschological)
• In the myth, Persephone, the characters had had many
battles within themselves.
• Persephone's mom, Demeter, had struggled throughout the
whole story.
• Demeter had spun into a great depression and seemed to
forget about her duties as Goddess of Grain and Growth
when Persephone went missing halfway through the story.
• She was so sad that she forgot all about her duties and just
watched the plants die.
Man vs. Self (Continued)
• Demeter was so depressed and robbed of all her vital
energy that she appeared an old, wrinkly women to the
naked eye.
• She wandered the Earth searching every where
for Persephone.
• In one version of the myth Persephone struggles with herself
about whether or not she should eat fruit from the
• She eventually gave in and had to return to the underworld
for a season each year.
Man Vs. Self- The lesson
• The lesson for Man Vs. Self is to always keep your family
close. Family is an important element to have for life.
• You never know what can happen at any point in time.
Always watch what you are doing and who you hang around
• Sometimes you can't always get what you want. There are
times in some peoples lifes when they have to adapt to their
surroundings because not everything will work out in the
way you wish it would.
Allusions of Art
Both Pictures are a part of the
Pergamon Musuem in Berlin
Allusions of Music
Persehpone By: Third Eye Blind
Allusions of Literature
The Book Persephone Rises by Margot Louis
Becoming a spirit
Myththology trends of goddesses
Analyazes all stories of Persephone
Allusions of Pop Culture
Beauty and the Beast is
adapted from Persephone.
The relationship of Bell and
the Beast came from the idea
of Persephone and Hades
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