New ---- Muralidhara Gopala Mukunda Munijana Mana Harana

Muralidhara Gopala
Mukunda Munijana
Mana Harana
Gopala, Holder of the Divine
Flute, grants liberation; His
Flute music invites Oneness
with the Divine, over-coming
the mind that conjures up
Vrija Vaduvhom Ke
Hrudaya Chakora
Madura Puri Sadana
The Dweller of the city of
Madura, dwells in the hearts
of people at Vraj; He is
present in their hearts as if
He has been embossed on
their hearts
Nanda Nandana
Navaneetha Chora
Manda Haasa Vadana
The darling Son of fosterfather Nanda, the stealer
of butter (devotees' hearts),
has a beautifully chiseled
face with an ever-charming
smile on His lips
Natana Manohara
Kisalaya Charana
Karunalaya Varada
The captivating Divine
Cosmic dancer, whose sacred
feet are like the red tender
shoots of a Kalpaka tree,
fulfills wishes and answers
Krishna Karunalaya
Hail the compassionate Lord
Krishna, who is ever-ready to
bestow all goodness and
grant all boons
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