Literary Devices in Yo` Mama Jokes

Literary Devices
in Yo’ Mama Jokes
Yo’ mama’s teeth are so yellow that
traffic slows down when she smiles.
Yo’ mama’s so old that she babysat
Yo’ mama’s so stupid that she sold
her car for gas money.
Yo’ mama’s so stupid that she bought
a video camera to record cable TV
shows at home.
Yo’ mama’s so old that her birth
certificate says "expired."
Yo’ mama’s car is so old that it
coughs even when it’s not on.
Yo’ mama’s hair is so dirty that it
cries to be washed!
Yo’ mama’s house is so old, it’s like it
was built during Roman times.
Yo’ mama’s as stupid as a concrete
Yo’ mama's so stupid; she spent
twenty minutes looking at an orange
juice box because it said "concentrate."
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