Terrestrial Cave Animals

Cave Food Web
The food web is about
other animals giving their
energy to other animals.
The caves are made of lava that is
dried up. It could also be made of
crystals. Caves could also be
made of rocks. The cave could be
made of melted rock.
Long Leg Spider
The spider could kill anyone . It
could also be poisonous.
This earth worm
is from the cave .
The earth worm could hide only
in its shell. The worm could not
move anywhere.
This is a cave lizard
The lizard runs when he sees his
predator. The lizard could
camouflage on anything in the
This is a cave
The scorpion could only look for
food. He walks slow to hunt his
prey. The scorpion sometimes
runs when he sees his prey.
This is cave shrimp
The cave shrimp is in water. It
could only walk slow in the water.
Some caves have water that only
animals from the sea.
A long cave
The salamander is from a cave
with water. It is almost fifteen feet
long. Salamanders can swim fast.
Purple plant
This plant could be poisonous. It
could also have vines.
Underwater cave
sea weed
The sea weed could be a place
for fishes to live in. It could also
move in the water.
One stem plant
The plant gets stuck on the wall.
It could get stuck on the wall by
using their vines.
Purple plant
The plant is very
delicate. The plant
does not harm
I learned that many
animals and plants live in
caves. I also learned that
some animals harm
The End
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