Dante`s Inferno Counto 15

Dante’s Inferno
Canto 15
Compiled by:
William Boyce
The seventh circle
• Canto 15 takes place in
the inner ring (the third
round of the Seventh
Circle: of those who
have done violence to
Nature ). In the
seventh circle the
violent against God
(blasphemers), the
violent against nature
(sodomites), and the
violent against art
(userers) are all
tormented in varying
ways in a desert like
mountainous area
where fire falls like
Dante’s meeting with Brunetto
Ser Brunetto Latini
A group of shades run by Dante and Virgil when
one steps forward and reveals himself eagerly to
Dante. This shade was from the guelph party
and was Dante’s mentor while alive on earth, his
name was Ser Brunetto Latini (1220 - 1294).
This naked shade asks Dante to run with him
because if he stops he will have to lay still for
100 years without being able to fan the flames
that rain down. His punishment is that he has to
constantly run as if he were in a race.
(left) the artist portrays the broken and exhausted image of Brunetto.
(right) Dante recognizes his close friend in his pitiful conditions
Significance of canto 15
One of the most important ideals of the work is
told in canto 15, given through the example of
Brunetto Latini. Even though Dante had such a
reverence for Brunetto and learned much from
his morals, respect and good deeds on Earth are
not enough to survive damnation. Even the
greatest of men may be guilty of private sins.
Along with this Dante hears the third of three
prophecies concerning his exile from Florence.
Canto 15’s Conclusion
All of the spirits with Brunetto were scholars of renown,
Francesco d’Accorso a Florentine scholar was one of
them. Near the end of the canto it states ”know that all
were clerks, and great men of letters, and of great fame,
defiled in the world with one same sin. Priscian goes
along with that disconsolate crowd, and Francesco of
Accorso; and thou mightest also have seen, hadst thou
had desire of such scurf, him who by the Servant of
Servants…”. The servant of servants mentioned here is
believed to be Andrea de Mozzi, bishop of Florence. All
of these shades that constantly are moving are guilty of
the same crime—sodomy .Suddenly, Brunetto feels a
calling and must return to his band. Before he goes, he
tells Dante to remember his great book, when translated
from french means the Treasure.
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