Samantha S.
Block 6
Where in the World are the
Tropical Oceans?
Tropical Oceans shown in green
Most tropical ocean
landforms are coral reefs.
Coral reefs are a home to
many sea creatures. There are
many tropical ocean islands
and volcano’s.
Tropical Ocean Animals
 What tropical sea creature weighs over
1,000 pounds, eats more than 100 pounds
of vegetables per day and is sometimes
called a “sea cow?” Well if you guessed
manatee you would be correct. They can be
up to 12 feet in length. They are herbivores
 Did you know that hammerheads are
known to attack humans and are
thought to be aggressive sharks. The
smooth hammerhead is one of the 10
species of hammerhead shark. They
eat fish, rays, and occasionally
scavenges. The advantages of their
unusual head shape is unknown.
 The finless porpoise usually
move in pairs. They feed on
crust oceans, squid, and fish.
The finless porpoise is much
different from other
porpoises. Little is known
about their breeding
Plants in the Tropical Ocean
There are many different plants in the tropical oceans
Most of the plants are homes to sea creatures.
Kelp and anemones are two examples of plants with sea creatures
living in them.
There are more than 1,200 native species of marco algea and only
four of these are kelp.
Tropical Ocean Climate
 The
temp. is 56f.
 The average
each season
is 32in.
Tropical Ocean Questions
What is a tropical ocean?
What makes a tropical ocean different from
all of the other oceans?
Do any mammals live in the tropical
What kinds of plants live in the tropical
How Does Water Play A Part
in the Tropical Oceans
• Tropical oceans are made of water.
• They are used to keep sea creatures
• Life in the Oceans By: Norbert WU
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