Anne Bradstreet - Butler County Schools

Anne Bradstreet
Bradstreet was born Anne Dudley in
Northampton, England.
Raised as a Puritan
Married Puritan Simon Bradstreet when
she was 16.
Moved to America with her husband and
father in 1630.
Lived near Salem, Massachusetts in what
would become known as the
Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Both her father and husband served as
governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Anne and her husband had eight
children—four boys and four girls.
She wrote poetry in her spare time.
She never wrote to get published.
John Woodbridge, her brother-in-law,
went to England and had her poems
published in 1650 under the title The
Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America.
He did not consult her before doing this.
If it had not been for this, Bradstreet’s
poems may never have been published.
She is best known for her later poems,
which are about more personal things
such as her husband, children, and