Sonnet 30 by William Shakespeare

Sonnet # 30
Written By:
William Shakespeare
• Born in 1564 and died
in 1616
• Shakespeare wrote
154 sonnets
throughout his life
• Influenced many
writers, including
Charles Dickens
What Type of Sonnet Is This?
• Sonnet # 30 is an Elizabethan or
Shakespearean Sonnet
• This type of sonnet uses 3 quatrains and 1
• The rhyme scheme of this sonnet is
What is the theme of sonnet # 30
• Shakespeare expresses the following
emotions in this sonnet:
– Sadness
– Love
– Depression
– Grievance
Literary Devices
• Only one literary device is used throughout
this sonnet
• It is called a blank-verse
• This means that some lines of sonnet # 30
do not rhyme
What Is The Ironic Twist?
• The ironic twist in this sonnet is told in the
last two lines or the couplet
• The ironic twist is that while throughout the
sonnet, Shakespeare describes his life as
sad and full off greif. But in the couplet of
the poem he says that when he sees this
woman, all of his sadness goes away and
she makes him feel a lot better
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