Ghana The gold coast -Ghana has a constitutional democracy that is

The gold coast
-Ghana has a constitutional
democracy that is a democracy in
which has majority rule and gives
more power to individual people.
-The current leader is John Evans
Atta Mills who was elected as
president by vote.
-Ghana has a parliament that votes
on laws
-Ghana is thought to have a mixed economy
-In a mixed economy one is allowed to own their own business
but, the government can increase taxes for public funds
-Ghana has an agricultural based economy
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-Ghana has a very strong economy with a GDP of 13.6%
-Ghana also has a very weak fiscal stance though. They also
have fragile external balances.
-Exports: Gold, Cocoa, Timber, Tuna
-Imports: Capital Equipment, Petroleum, Food
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-Ghana has an agricultural
based economy
-60% of the population does
subsistence farming.
-Ghana's agricultural part of
their economy has gone down
since the 1960s
-Exports: Gold, Cocoa, Timber,
-Imports: Capital Equipment,
-Ghana is located close to the
-Ghana has a tropical wet/dry
-Ghana's climate provides sunshine
all year round.
-North Ghana temperatures rarely
drop below 77 degrees F
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-There is only one rainy
season a year in North
-This makes it so that many
plants, like coca trees, and
forests can grow
- In Southern Ghana the
temperatures are a little
cooler because there are two
rainy seasons a year which
lower the temperature.
Geography of Ghana
-Ghana is on the coast in Western Africa.
-It's bordered by Burkina Faso,Ivory
Coast,and Togo
-Ghana has plateaus, rainforest, and
savanna plains.
-Lake Volta is the is the largest artificial
-Accra is the country's capital and is
located in Southern Ghana.
Political map of Ghana
Physical map of Ghana
Map of the world that highlights Ghana
Ghana's Country Flag
-The green is for their rich vegetation.
-The gold is for their high levels of gold.
-The red is for the blood that the people fighting for Ghana
-The black star symbolizes the struggle the Africans went
through to end colonization.
Ghana Currency
- The currency in Ghana is called a cedi.
-Cedi means Cowry shell in the language Akan.
-Cowry shells are what used to be used as currency in Ghana.
-The cedi is divided into 100 Ghana pesewas
-1 cedi is equal to .56 American dollars or 56 cents (as of March
Facts about Ghana's
-The official language of Ghana
is English, but the Twi dialect of
Akan is locally used.
-Yams, Cassava, Maize,
Plantain, and rice are the main
foods eaten in Ghana
-Western dress is casual and
robes are usually used for
ceremonial times
Sports in Ghana
-Some of the biggest sports
are soccer, basketball, and
-Ghana's soccer team is very
good and did well in the 2010
world cup.
-Golf is also very popular and
many tournaments are played
Christian, 16% Muslim,
21% Indigenous beliefs. None
of the religions are supported
by the government
-In the Juju religion all
practicing it must not touch
any spiritual object or severe
consequences occur.
-Main foods are Yams,
cassava, maize, plantain,
and rice.
-Fufu is a very popular dish,
including: Yams, Cassava,
and Plantain all pounded
together to make one big
ball of Fufu.
-Soups and stews are also
very commonly eaten in
-Infant Mortality
Rate: 48.55/1,000
-Literacy Rate:
57.9%, Males:
82.7%, and
Females: 67.1%.
-Life Expectancy: at
birth is age 61.
25,241,998 people
Levy, Patricia, and Winnie Wong. Ghana. New York: Marshall
Cavendish Benchmark, 2010. Print.
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