Integration Test

New IT platform
to manage the Commercial Process
Technological Enhancements in B2B integration
introduced by the New IT Platform
Integration Test – Operating Model
San Donato Milanese – Maggio 2014
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 Objective and scope of the Document
 Prerequisites to access to the Test
 B2B integration : Integration Test X12
Approach to testing
Test Book
Operating Details
Only for consultation - not binding
Objective and scope of the Dcument
In addition to the exchanged communications (please see the publications on
the website), the objective of this document is to provide details about the
reference operating model for the Integration Test scheduled for the the Users'
certification to use the B2B and X12 protocol .
In particular the document contains:
Approach to Testing
Test Book
Operating Details
Please see also «Technical Specification».doc for further details .
Only for consultation - not binding
Prerequisites to access to Integration Test
The Users who wish to continue to use the b2b x12 protocol to send
nomination to new system Logistica Gas, must have made and successfully
completed the connecting test via https channel (test scheduled for last June)
For users who don't have completed this test before June 30th, 2014, were scheduled
recovery sessions during Integration X12 Test Itself. SRG will provide to each Shipper
the date of the relative.
To access the Integration Test phase dedicated to users who want to use the
X12 protocol to communicate in the new system (designed test to the correct
communication between the User's system and LG system for the B2B X12
protocol and the specific messages: 850, 997 and 855) please register and
confirm the participation to tests before and not later than July 15th,2014
sending mail to [email protected]
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Integration Test – Approccio ai test
The approach used involves assigning each user to a specific time slot for the
execution of the Integration test (as indicated in the file Calendario_IT.xls
published on the website with this document)
Each User shall independently perform all the test cases listed in the test book
one time ended the test will have to send an acknowledgment to
[email protected] (for details on how to fill in the test book and the
mail to send, please, see the next slides)
In case of failure to complete the test on the scheduled closing date will be
provided two recovery sessions (back-up) in the queue to Calendar.
Reference time slot (for each slot assigned):
morning: from 9.30 to 12.30;
afternoon: from 14.00 to 17.00
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Integration Test – Test Book (1/2)
In the «Technical Specifications» (see paragraph "Test Book Integration Test")
reports the Test Book containing the test cases subject of the Integration Test .
In particular the test cases are divided into two main areas:
Sending X12 Nominations
Exception Handling
The Test Book contains :
Sections precompiled inclusive the instructions to support the test cases
execution(please see: Test Case Id, Test Cases Name, Test Case Description,
Step Description, Expected Result, ...)
Sections that each user has to fill in order to report details on the execution
of the individual test cases and their outcome, as shown to follow
Only for consultation - not binding
Integration Test – Test Book (2/2)
During the execution of the Integration Test, for each test case, the user has to fill
in the cell in the column «Risultato Ottenuto», «Stato Test Step», «Sistema» e
«Data Esecuzione» (see Figure .1) by following the instructions contained therein.
For instance, with reference to the first test case :
«ID_850_997_855_Trasmissione Nomine X12 con capacità», the user will fill in
the cells E11, F11, G11 and H11 overwriting the instructions for filling in
contained therein. Following the example of the contents after the User has filled
in the cells:
E11 = KO (descrizione problema)
F11 = Fallito
G11 = Ragione sociale Utente
H11 = 25/07/2014
Fig.1 Estratto test Book – Colonne che l’Utente deve popolare
Only for consultation - not binding
Please look over this document and the content integrated in the technical
specifications recently published (including Test Book.xls embedded) and necessary
to startup phase of Integration Test scheduled for July 21th.
Please send us any requests for clarification within July 15th to the following
[email protected]
Only for consultation - not binding
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