Presentaion on - National Housing Bank

Data on Slab-wise Housing Loans
of PSBs and HFCs
- Importance and Uses
Helps in analyzing the trend of institutional
credit in Housing Sector.
Indicates flow of the institutional credit to
various Slab-wise borrower segments.
Helps in analyzing movement of NPA, in slabwise Housing loans.
Analysis of the data helps in recommending the
required Policy Interventions by the GoI or RBI.
Helps in forecasting the requirement of funds
under various Interest Subvention Schemes.
National Housing Bank (NHB) is collecting the slab-wise
housing loan data from Public Sector Banks (PSBs) and
Housing Finance Companies (HFCs) on quarterly and yearly
The data is collected in five different slabs namely: housing
loans upto 2 lakh, Above 2 lakh and upto 5 lakh, Above
5 lakh and upto 10 lakh, Above 10 lakh and upto 25 lakh
and above 25 lakh .
The slab wise data so collected captures following
• Total housing loans disbursed during the quarter.
• Total Housing loans outstanding as on last day of the
• % of NPA in respect of the slab-wise loans.
The format for submitting the Data has been
designed and forwarded to all the Banks.
NHB has requested all Public Sector Banks (PSBs)
to appoint Nodal Officers as one-point contact
for submission of the data.
15 PSBs out of 26 PSBs have appointed the Nodal
The data so collected is shared with Ministry of
Finance regularly on monthly basis.
Collection of such data will help in building a strong
and broad based data for the Industry.
Such database will help in undertaking various
sector-related studies which can be shared with
industry players.
Sharing of data/study findings, will facilitate Banks &
Data pertaining to NPA across the various slabs may
help Banks & HFCs in further improving their recovery
mechanism and NPA Management System.
Availability of Data will serve as a vital input for the
Government, RBI and NHB for appropriate policy and
regulatory interventions.