Presentation for MIS - Panchayat & Rural Development Department

Raijor Podulit Raijor Sarkar
Web based Grievance
Tracking & Monitoring System
Devajit Bhattacharyya
NIC Asam State Centre
 The primary objectives of RPRS is to :
Ensure online availability of the Workflow based
computerized grievance system to the citizens and
thereby providing facilities to lodge the grievances,
find the status, and send reminders etc.
Main Features of RPRS
 Lodging of the grievance by a citizen directly or through
District representative.
 Acknowledgment of acceptance of grievance by the
department concerned.
 Follow up action of Grievances.
 Forwarding of Grievances.
 Reminders and Clarification
 Disposal of the Case.
 Monitoring of Grievances by Higher Authority.
 Various MIS Reports
About RPRS System
 RPRS system is an integrated web based application
Software, developed by NIC Assam State Centre
which primarily aims at submission of grievances by
the citizens from any where and any time basis.
 The system generated unique registration number on
submission of grievances to any Department.
 The system is designed in such a way that higher
authority can forward grievances to the lower level
and can monitor the status of the Grievance
Application at any time.
About RPRS System
The system is divided into two parts :
1. The Applicant part, consisting of Online
Application, Status View, Sending Reminder,
Searching of application.
2. The Grievance Redress Mechanism part, consisting
of three processes of namely receipt, redress, and
monitoring of grievances.
Grievance Redress Process Flow
RPRS – Role Management
Entity Role
Citizen Interface --- Home Page
Department Interface --- Home Page
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