Patient Visit Flow Process with Routine HIV Screening, Lab Test

Health Center
Patient Visit Flow Process with Routine HIV Screening , Lab Test
Front Desk
Front desk greets patient and determines whether they are an
appt. or walk-in. Walk-ins are offered a same day appt. if
available (then proceed as an appointed patient). Front desk
registers the patient, verifying insurance and demographics.
Co-pay collected, if appropriate. Encounter form is printed
and, together with the ROUTINE TESTING FLOW SHEET,
attached to medical record for pick-up by nurse/MA.
Waiting Room
Vitals Area*
Nurse/MA escorts patient to vitals area for weight, temperature,
and blood pressure. HIV SCREENING WITH LAB TEST
offered. If accepted, nurse/MA notes lab order on the encounter
form. (In states where patients are required to ‘opt-in’ to an HIV
test, the patient will need to sign a consent form at this time).
Exam Room
Patient escorted into exam room by nursing staff. Provider
performs clinical exam; orders HIV test and any other necessary
labs; orders necessary follow-up visits and/or referrals.
Patient carries lab request to the lab for blood draw.
*Vitals may be obtained in exam room.
**Labs may be drawn in exam room.
***Check-out may be done in exam room.
Check Out***
Patient takes encounter form and proceeds to check out area for
scheduling of next visit.
Created by NACHC for use in community health centers, December 2012
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