Camera Movements and Shot Composition

Camera Movements
Camera Supports
Shoulder- The most basic support also
the most flexible
 MonopodA single pole
on which you
can mount
the camera
Camera Supports
TripodA three-legged
camera mount
Includes legs, head,
quick release plate,
pan and tilt arm
Camera Supports
PedestalHeavy camera
dolly that permits
raising and lowering
the camera while on air
Camera Supports
Dolly- Camera support on wheels that
enables the camera to move in all
Special Camera Supports
Car MountsA bracket made
for the camera
with suction cups
attached that can
be secured to a
window or the
side of a car
Camera Supports
SteadicamA mount worn
by the camera
operator that
uses various
springs to absorb
the wobbles and
jitters while you
move with a camera
Special Camera Supports
Jib- Allows for all camera movements
while camera is attached to a long arm
Camera Supports
Robotic PedestalA motor driven
pedestal and
mounting head
that is guided by
a computerized
Camera Movements
 Tilt- The movement of the lens of the camera
up and down
 Pan- The movement of the lens of the camera
left to right
 Cant- Tilting the shoulder mounted camera
Camera Movements
 Boom- To move the entire camera up and
 Dolly- Moving the camera toward or away
from the scene on a mobile camera mount
 Truck or Track- Moving the camera left or
right on a mobile camera mount
Camera Movements
 Arc- To move the camera on a dolly in a
slightly curved movement
 Zoom- Changing the focal length of the
lens through the use of camera zoom
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