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Joan Nash was the most
brilliant mind of his generation
He saw the World…
In a way no one
Could ever imagine.
That extraordinary gift
That set him apart….
Would push his mind
Beyond its limit.
A Beautiful Mind
1. Character
2. Summary
3. Comparison
A Beautiful Mind & I Am Sam
4. Conclusion
The Main Character
• Russell Crowe
A Mathematical genius made an
astonishing discovery early in
life and stood on the brink of
international acclaim. However
, he fought back. He had always
been driven by his quest for one
truly original idea and never
lost sight of that dream. After
many years struggle, he
triumphed over tragedy and
literally changed the world.
→ John F. Nash
The Main Character
• Jennifer Connelly
Nash’s wife. She is a beautiful and
smart woman. Nash is her professor
in college, and she falls love with him.
She plays an important role in Nash’s
life because after knowing that Nash
has some problem with his mind, she
never give up helping him to lead a
normal life as before. She takes care
of her husband and her son by herself
, and she also bears all the pains
herself. She is a great woman.
→ Alicia Larde
The Main Character
• Ed Harris
He is not a real man who exists
in the real life. He is one of the
imaginations in Nash’s mind. In
Nash’s imagination , he is an
important official of the government.
And he was asked to force Nash
to finish some missions for the security
of the country.
→ William Parcher
. . . Summary
John Nash is a great mathematician. Therefore, he is bothered
by his spiritual ill for many years. The movie describes the process
of the period that he enters the graduate school and gets the ill
that make him imagine many things, and it interrupts his family
and himself very much. Fortunately, his wife is always by his side
, and she encourages Nash to go back to his alma mater school
and tries to live like a normal man. Nash is a genius anyway
; however, his theory also let him get the Nobel Prize in 1994.
Comparison . . .
1.A mathematical genius can
1.A father who is with the mind of
see the world in a different way 7-year-old child .
2.He struggles against his mental 2. He spares no effort to fight for
his daughter.
3. His wife gives him strong supp- 3. His daughter and friends give
ort and help him get over it.
him a big hand and encourage him.
4.At the end, he overcomes the 4.His effort touched all people, and
mental disease and gets Nobel’s his daughter went back to his life
A beautiful mind is an amazing, powerful journey. But as unique as
This man is, the movie is also very accessible because it is so heartbreaking human.
John Nash’s victory wasn’t only that he beat schizophrenia or that
he won the Nobel Prize. The victory in the movie and in his life is how
The love between him and Alicia survived and evolved.
No matter how terrible Nash is, Alicia sill stands by him and does
her best to help her husband recover.
We can find that john always brings Alicia’s handkerchief, when he
feels lost or frustrated, that can give him power. I guess that John
Nash never would have survived without Alicia.
Conclusion . . . .