Comets & Asteroids

• Comets were discovered by danish astronomer
tycho brahe in 1577.
• Haleys comet was named after comond halley.
• Isaac newton showed that a comets movements are
much like the same laws that control the planets
• Comets are usually about 9.2 million miles from
• Sometimes comets get in the way of another comet
and they will collide.
• Comets have an icy body. Therefore they are
super cold.
• The atmosphere around a comet is a gas
• There are many different
kinds of comets.
This is a list of them:
Main belt comets, centaurs,
krentz sungrazers,
short period comets,
and great comets.
• The physical characteristics of comets are
that they have an icy body that releases
gas or dust.
• No life on comets could not exist because comets
are made of ice, dust, and little pieces of rocks;
therefore it is impossible to go to a comet.
• Asteroids were made when something hits a planet
or moon and a piece of rock chips off.
• Asteroids are known to be grouped together in an
asteroid belt.
• The main asteroid belt is about 5 km from
the earth.
• Asteroids are made of rocky chunks of
matter in orbit around the sun.
• Asteroids are varied in their composition.
• Most are made of rock, but some are composed
of metals and other materials.
• Asteroids range in size and are just rocks.
• Life could not exist on an asteroid because
it is just a giant rock.
• Every asteroid is different because of the different
sizes,orbits, and compositions; But the average
asteroid in the asteroid belt is about -150C.
• Around an asteroid is usually rocks, cold ice, dust,
and other minerals.
• They have only found 7 meteoroids that have hit
earth in history.
• All of the 7 that hit earth were large impact.
• Most meteoroids move close to the earth,
however, only few of them hit earth. The rest of
them just pass by.
• Meteoroids are 3.5x more dense then an earth rock
• Their size is at least the size of speck of dust but
smaller then an asteroid.
• Meteoroids are made of a small piece of dust, rock,
ice, or metal.
• Meteoroids are mainly iron.
• Meteoroids temperature depends on weather in
sunlight or moonlight.
• Move at light speed.
• No life could not exist because a meteoroid is
just a fast moving space rock and will get to cold
and to hot.