Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox
By: Evan S.
Physical Characteristics
• The fennec fox is about 3 pounds and
stands 8 inches tall.
• The fennec fox has large ears, large
black eyes, white stomach, sand
colored fur, and a long reddishbrown bushy tail with a black tip.
• The fennec fox lives in the Northern Deserts.
• They dig burrows in the sand and rest during the day.
• The fennec fox is a omnivore it eats lizard
or small mammals it also forages birds, eggs, plant bulbs and fruits.
Protection / Predators
• The fennec fox protects itself from
predators by blending in to the sand with
their fur.
• The predators of the fennec fox are the
caracal [Africa cat] and Eagle owls.
Life span
• The fennec fox lives about 10 to 12 years.
• Female fennec foxes give birth to two to
five babies each spring.
• The gestation period is about 50 days.
Cool Facts
• The fennec fox is one of the smallest foxes
in the world.
• The fennec fox can go days without
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