ESMF Regridding Software in NCL

ESMF Regridding Software in NCL
ESMF Executive Board
Interagency Working Group Meeting
June 12, 2014
Special thanks to NOAA/CIRES team
Robert Oehmke, Cecelia DeLuca, Peggy Li
NCAR Command Language
An open source scripting language developed and
supported at NCAR, tailored for the analysis and
visualization of geoscientific data
NCL’s main features
• Simple, robust file input and output
• Hundreds of analysis (computational)
• Visualizations are publication quality
and highly customizable
• Free and well-supported
• Training available
Types of research reported by NCL userss
DTV propagation analysis
IPCC research
MARS cam
NASA precipitation missions
air quality research
air science
air ventilation assessment
air-sea interaction
aircraft icing research
animal disease modeling
applied insurance
atmospheric research
atmospheric teleconnections
atomic energy
aviation forecasting
battlespace environment modeling
bauxite refinery
beam physics
biofuels modeling
bird migration
black hole
bluetongue transmission risk
borehole temperatures
bushfire mitigation
carbon cycle modelling
cell motility
climates of extrasolar planets
cloud parameterization
disaster prevention
drought predicting
earth magnetic field
ecosystem model
electric power
extreme weather events
fire weather forecasting
fish climate
flight experiments
fluid dynamics
fog forecast
forest productivity
fusion plasma
geophysics support
glacial climate studies
greenhouse modeling
heat balance
heavy rainfall
historical weather maps
humidity projections
hydrology modeling
improvement of dairy cattle
insect research
ionospheric studies
lake effect snow storms
larval transport
lightning research
magnetic resonance imaging
mapping epidemiological data
marine studies
martian climate
material stress and strain
mercury deposits
meso-gamma simulations
microburst outflows
modeling of stem cells
molecular physics
monsoon studies
morphodynamics, long term
neuron model
noble gas sampling
ocean biology
ocean eddy research
optical data, display of
paleoclimate studies
particle orbit
planetary exploration data
plasma simulation
polar research
radiation risk research
radiowave propagation
real-time ocean forecasting
remote sensing
renewable energy
rice production
road weather research
satellite image processing
scattometer studies
sea breeze simulation
sea ice studies
sediment transport research
ships in waves simulations
snake bites in Brazil
snow data assimilation
soaring conditions for gliders
social sciences
soil moisture
solar irrigation change
space geodesy
space weather
spread of farming & milk drinking
star modeling
station data plots
storm surge analysis
storms, forecasting of
surf charts
tokamak modeling
tornado climatology
transport of aerosols from oil
tropopsheric air pollution
turbulent particle-laden flow
typhoon research
urban flood demonstration
urban meteorology
volcanic signals in ice cores
water resources and irrigation
water vapor feedback
weather display
weather forecasting for sailboats
weather modification
wildfire simulation
wildlife conservation and
restoration program
wind energy
wind erosion
wind forecasting for wind surfers
wind resources
NCL users are worldwide
• Graduate students in climate sciences
• Scientists at research centers and labs
• Some commercial usage
NCL metrics
• 19,500 registered users in over 100
countries since 2010
• 1,500 monthly downloads
• 2,019 email list subscribers
• 270 monthly emails (includes responses)
• 70 workshops since 2000 (1,030 students)
Joint student project at NCAR/CISL
Develop a suite of functions to incorporate the
ESMF regridding capabilities in NCL.
Mohammad Abouali
SIParCS Intern at CISL/NCAR, 2011
Computational Science Ph.D. Student
at Joint Program between SDSU & CGU
Very successful project!
Released in NCL beta version in May 2012,
and officially in October 2012
Why ESMF regridding?
• One interface to handle different grid types
(rectilinear, curvilinear, unstructured)
• Easy to switch interpolation methods
• Works on global or regional grids
• Can use weights for faster regridding
• Can run in parallel
• Know the team members
Uses for ESMF regridding
CMIP5 regridding suite
WRF (weather and research forecast) model data to other grids
Spatially merging Daymet NetCDF files
ECMWF Operational Model Analysis grid
Ocean models (ROMS, POP, ORCA)
Unstructured grids (MPAS, HOMME, ICON) (hexagonal, cubed)
CLM (land surface model)
HDF satellite (swath) data
CCSM grid to EASE grid
GPCP (Global Precipitation Climatology Project)
CCSM ice to CCSM atmospheric
HIRLAM (hydrostatic grid-point model, can be rotated)
MOZART emissions
NCL/ESMF Regridding
Mary Haley
[email protected]
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