Anemometers were first made in 1450 by an
Architect called Leon Battista Alberti.
The first ever
Anemometer made
was a mechanical
anemometer. An
Anemometer is an
object which
measures wind, in
this time and age the
Anemometer is most
commonly used by
weather stations.
The cup Anemometer was made very
late after then original mechanical
anemometer. The cup anemometer
was made in 1846.
The three cup anemometer
produced by Canadian John
Patterson in 1926 (very long after
the original cup anemometer was
made) and subsequent cup
improvements by Brevoort & Joiner
of the USA in 1935 led to a cupwheel
Sonic anemometers were first
developed in the 1950s, they use
ultrasonic sound waves to measure
wind speed. They measure wind
speed based on the time of flight of
sonic pulses between pairs of
This is a type of a
anemometer usually
people make their own
anemometer to
measure the speed of
the wind in a local area.
With a homemade
anemometer you
measure the speed by
how many times it
Umit Tutal
Wisdom school
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