Trade Support Services to Exporters with special focus on Cut

Trade Support Services to Exporters with
special focus on Cut Flowers & Fruit
Agribusiness Export Awareness Workshop
Thursday, 18 November 2010
Monique Labat, General Manager
by Monique Labat • General Manager
• World Trade Point Federation
• Tradepoint South Africa Durban
• ETOs and GTDS
• DTI Trade Leads
• 2011 Flower, Fruit & Veg Exhibitions
• Cut flowers & Ornamental plants
• Flower Day Calendar
• Tropical & Off-Season Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
• Tradepoint’s 2011 Events Calendar
World Trade Point Federation
Origin UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade & Development)
WTPF (Non profit) est. in 2000 to assist SMEs enter Int. markets
Special attention given to countries less advanced in trade development
UNCTAD assists WTPF through capacity building activities
Global partnership: promote trade, development and reduce poverty
106 Trade Points in 70 countries around the world
4 Trade Points in South Africa: TPSA Johannesburg, TPSA Durban,
TPSA Nelson Mandela Bay & TPSA Mbombela
A Public Private Partnership
Tradepoint South Africa Durban’s partners:
KZN Department of Economic Development & Tourism
eThekwini Municipality
Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal (TIKZN)
Small Enterprise Development Agency (seda)
Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Host Institution)
What is a Trade Point?
A trade facilitation centre
Participants in foreign trade transactions grouped under a
physical/virtual room to provide necessary services for
trade transactions.
Source of trade-related information
Providing actual and potential traders with data about
market opportunities, potential clients and suppliers, as
well as trade regulations and requirements.
Where are we based?
4th floor, Tourist Junction, 160 Monty Naicker Street, Durban
Trade facilitation centre: computers & training facility
Trade-related information: market opportunities, export leads, access to
databases, potential clients, suppliers & regulations
Arrange meetings: commercial banks, freight f/warders & shipping
Export and import registration forms SARS DA 185
Assist SMEs to complete DTI EMIA forms for exhibition participation
Our geographic footprint is the Province of KwaZulu-Natal
All industry sectors are promoted for exports by Tradepoint including services
What does it cost?
We are a membership-based organisation. Rates from 1 Jan 2010:
Annual Fee R100 incl VAT per annum for emerging exporters
Annual Fee R500 incl VAT per annum for exporters & importers
Annual Fee R550 incl VAT per annum for service providers
ETO’s and GTDS:
Services of World Trade Point Federation
The Electronic Trade Opportunity (ETO) system offers the following
for your company internationally
Dissemination of your company’s Trade Leads
Finding New Suppliers
Discovering new markets
Accessing the latest information on offer & demand
Each product placed onto the ETO is identified by the
Harmonized Commodity Description (HS Code)
Global Trade Directory System (GTDS)
The GTDS is an extensive worldwide database of companies
managed by the World Trade Point Federation which provides
reliable and up-to-date information on businesses associated
with the Trade Point Network
Companies being listed have to meet certain criteria before
being placed onto the GTDS:
• SARS Exporter/Importer Customs Code
• Proof of company registration
• Company logo & images of products
Once all requirements have been met the company profile on
the system receives a “Star Ranking”
Dept of Trade & Industry: Trade Leads
Daily Bulletin - 15 Nov 2010 - Products wanted:
Oranges, apples, peppadew, macadamia nuts, fruit juices,
tomatoes, beans, spices, wines, confectionery, cereals
Countries wishing to import above products:
Thailand and Nigeria
Contact: Mr Wiseman Myeni
Tel: 012 – 394 1276
Email: [email protected]
Cut Flowers & Ornamental Plants
Floriculture Statistical Information available on
Major flower auctions’ quantities & average weekly prices from Neth. & Japan whilst
wholesale prices are from Singapore
European prices are quoted in € Euro whilst Asian prices quoted in local currencies &
US$ Dollar
Prices are quoted per stem and are related to size in cm
Netherlands – cut flowers turnover increased by 16% compared to Sep 2009
Bestsellers were: roses, chrysanthemum, lillies, gerberas & alstroemeria
Total average price for all flowers was €0.25 per stem
Higher prices were achieved: chrysanthemums, gypsophila, hypericum, proteas,
Increase in quantities of South African proteas
Bestsellers were protea barbigeria and grandiceps. Protea importers reported their
best sales of the year in Oct 2010.
Cut Flowers & Ornamental Plants
France - Cut flower business very negatively affected by strikes in Paris & other large
cities. Dramatically affected cut flowers market especially for inland transport - trains &
Italy – Best sellers were roses, chrysanthemums, anthurium, gypsophila & orchids.
The carnation, traditionally most important cut flower, much less used than normal
Norway – Very good demand and sales for Halloween, especially orange coloured
Netherlands – Sale of house-plants turnover increased by 2% compared to Oct 2009.
Phalaenopsis orchid prices increased to €4.00. 50% of total turnover of all flowering
plants consist of this orchid type
Denmark – Phalaenopsis orchid prices increased by 10% on average
Global Floriculture Outlook
Global exports growing at an annual 10.3% average growth rate
World exports expected to reach US$25billion by 2012
Developed countries in EU, USA & Asia account for 90% of world trade in floriculture
Annual consumption of commercially grown flowers worldwide vary, but range from
Consumers have become more refined in demanding new products
Niche markets in Eastern Europe are becoming prime growth prospects
New flower producing countries are Columbia, Ecuador, Kenya and Ethiopia
China is reportedly quadrupling annual flower exports to US$200million or more than
1billion stems by 2011
Merger of two largest Dutch co-operative flower auctions FloraHolland & Bloemenveiling
World’s largest flower market now called FloraHolland
Combined sales of US$4.68billion
Increase in direct sales channel i.e. supermarkets & retail outlets, change in distribution
Wal-Mart and Tesco’s increased amount of purchases acquired directly from growers
under long-term contracts
Flowers Day Calendar – December 2010
Winter Gigts Month (thro 30/12)
National Day
Portugal, Romania
Jewish Hannukkah
Saint Nicolas
Belgium, Netherlands, Germany
Saint Nicolas
Romania, Slovakia, Greece
Constitution Day
Romania, Spain
Emperor’s Birthday
Christmas/Boxing Day
Many countries
Independence day
New Year’s Eve
Many countries
Tropical & Off-Season Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Weekly Price report available every Friday on
Information derived from 4 major European markets
Prices are average wholesale market prices in € Euros, in kg, imported by air
Avocado Hass variety – Market Belgium, Origin South Africa in this instance
price per carton of 4kg by sea freight = €6.00
Persimmon (Kaki) variety Sharon – Market Netherlands, Origin South Africa price
per kg = €2.20
Kumquat – Market Netherlands, Origin South Africa price per kg = €5.00
competitors Argentina fetched €6.75 in Belgium Market & Brazil fetched €3.21 in
UK Market
Pineapple – Market Netherlands, Origin South Africa price per carton €10
Competitors Mauritius €11 Costa Rica €15.00
What to consider before deciding to export
Your product and its description - what is the HS Code for your fruit?
Production, foreign trade – who is importing your fruit? In what volumes? At
what price?
Popular varieties for your fruit – if watermelons then “Sugar-baby”, “Crimson
sweet”, Black Diamond” or “Jupiter”?
Consumer preferences - Taste, health aspects, purchasing habits, price
Market access – tariffs, duties, standards and regulations
Distribution channels – fruit & vegetable traders
Packaging & labelling – conforming to EU regulations, information on GMO
Sales promotion – participation in trade fairs
Market prospects – what are the trends for your fruit?
Access to potential importers – contact Tradepoint
International Exhibitions:
Flower Shows & Fruit Trade Fairs
2 – 5 Dec 10
12 – 15 Jan 11
9- 11 Feb 11
16 – 19 Feb 11
8 – 12 Oct 11
13 – 15 Oct 11
Oct 11
Dec 11
21 – 25 Oct 12
Growtech Eurasia, Antalya, Turkey - Horti, Agric, Flori
Flora Egypt, Cairo, Egypt – Flori
Fruit Logistica, Berlin, Germany – Fruit & Veg
Biofach, Nurnberg, Germany – World Organic Trade Fair
Anuga, Cologne, Germany - Food & Beverages World Fair
IFEX, Tokyo, Japan – Int Flower Expo
Horti Fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands – Horti, Flori
Int. Plants Expo Asia, Foshan, China - Plants
SIAL, Paris, France – Food Show (Bi-annual)
Access to Research, Knowledge & Information
Register with International Trade Centre
For Market News Service, weekly and monthly reports including price quotations from
major European markets for Tropical & Off-Season Fresh Fruits and vegetables,
Cut Flowers & Ornamental Plants
Register with UN Procurement
Register with SAIBL South African specialty food & wine
In-depth profiles of several SAIBL specialty food and wine clients & SAIBL e-catalogue
e-catalogue showcases authentically South African products in Wine, Specialty Food
& Giftware.
Successful producers in the domestic market should take note that supplying the US
market may require drastic changes in product and strategy; e.g. one of Jim's E
African clients was producing rolled-oat products domestically, but with the help of the
Talier Trading Group, they are now producing breakfast cereals with dried African
Fruits for export
Tradepoint Events 2011
3 Feb
Export Awareness Seminar
22 Feb
Agro-processing Export Orientation Course
10 Mar
International Exhibitions Workshop
12 May
ICT & E /Services Export Orientation Course
12 Jul
International Exhibitions Workshop
International Pavilion @ eThekwini SMME Fair
15 Sep
Export Orientation Course
6 Oct
Intermodal Transport Seminar & Exhibition
• 17 Nov
Agribusiness Export Awareness Workshop
Thank you for your attention
Contact: Monique Labat
4th Floor, Tourist Junction
160 Monty Naicker (Previously Pine) Street
Durban, 4001
South Africa
Work: 031 365 7300
Cell: 082 924 6349
Email: [email protected]
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