Amnesty International

The world-wide human-rights organization
Father of Amnesty International
• In 1961 a
• London lawyer, Peter Benenson, read about Portugal students, who
have been arrested only because they have touched the glasses on
the freedom. He advertised it in newspaper called London Observer
and started the campaign „Appeal for amnesty“.
History of Amnesty International(AI)
• AI as an organization started in 1961. In these 45 years
AI has helped thousands of people. AI won the Nobel
Peace Prize in 1978.
About AI
AI is a world-wide organization, independent of any
goverment or politicial party. Its aim is to release
prisoners of conscience.
Prisoners of conscience are men or women who are in
prison not because of their believes, colour of
complection, language or religion.
It tries to get fair and early trials by publicizing their
cases and by putting pressure on their goverments to
practise basic human rights.
Some projects of AI:
Symbol of peace