My Aim: To prevent rubbish going down the drains.

My Aim:
To prevent rubbish going down
the drains.
If we litter where does our rubbish
• If you litter, the rubbish flows into drains
on windy or rainy days
• All the rain water drains lead to the sea
• This is where the rubbish can end up
• We could end up swimming in rubbish!
What effects does rubbish have on
sea creatures and birds?
• Many sea creatures confuse plastic bags,
lolly rappers and rubber bands for food
• When sea creatures and birds eat rubbish
it makes them sick
• They either choke or starve to death
Pictures of our school during the
Our School
Our School
The solution to our problem
We can put wire nets over the drains. By
fixing nets, we will stop rubbish getting
into the drains on a rainy or windy day.
This will save those poor sea creatures
and birds that are dying from eating
rubbish. We can scrape of the litter from
the nets.
Our school has 16 drains
In MITRE 10 Mega, wire netting costs
$5 for 900mm wide,13mm wire mesh.
• An environmental fundraiser can be held
to raise money for the nets.
Thank you for your time.
By Ashwin Viswanathan
Room 3
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