 The unit was established in the year 1971 by Dr. M. KANDASAMY
as a Proprietary concern.
 “No Theory is good enough unless one puts into practice to go
beyond.” Promoter has proved this.
 Dr. M. Kandasamy, the Promoter of the unit has been awarded as
“Best Practical Foundry men” by the Institute of Indian Foundry
men, Coimbatore Chapter during the year 1994. It has been proved
beyond doubt that a Businessman may bring many laurels to the
industry even though he does not posses any academic qualification.
 In addition to the above he has also been awarded by various
Associations in Coimbatore.
 To introduce latest Technology and also to have better Quality
Standards Dr.M. Kandasamy visited many Plants and Foundries across
the world.
 The promoter Dr. M. Kandasamy concentrates on continual improvement by
implementing Latest Technology to meet the changing needs of the customer.
 Due to his achievements and capture of market share in the foundry
business, we are proud to say that The Open international University for
Complementary Medicines, Srilanka conferred DOCTOR OF HONOURS
on the basis of his achievements in humanitarian services and merits of
Excellence for the year 2007.
 Ms. K. Mohana Geetha , daughter of Dr. M. Kandasamy, an MBA with
expertise in Production and Marketing in Computerized Environment, is
rendering all assistance to have effective control in managing the unit.
 The Institute of Indian Foundrymen, Coimbatore Chapter has awarded
Ms. K. Mohana Geetha with “Best Women Entrepreneur” for the year 2007.
Established on 5-5-1971 with Cupola furnace with initial capital of
During 1989 additional unit was started with Divided Blast Cupola for
meeting the increasing demand.
To meet the Automobile sector’s demand and quality, Induction
furnace with capacity of 1 MT and 2 MT Dual tracks has been
installed during the year 2000.
We are fully equipped with complete lab facility for mechanical and
metallurgical analysis such as ARL Spectrometer with 29 elements
and 32 channels, etc.
We are certified ISO 9001-2008 by TUV and also SQ Mark by HMI
We manufacture all Graded Cast Iron and also SG Iron Casting as
per the customer requirement within the range of 1Kg to 2000Kg
per piece.
We are proud to say that our present production capacity is
around 12000 MT per year.
To meet the customer requirement we have our own in house
machine shop to cater to all the needs.
We have well sophisticated CNC and Conventional machines
to facilitate the supply of fully machined components.
We have our own captive power plant with capacity of
4400Kw to meet our entire energy requirement.
At present we are generating around 10 Million units per year.
 Automobiles
 Motor / Pump
 General Engineering
 Building Constructions & Valves
 Textile Machinery Products
 Gear Box
 Agri., Tractor Products
 Wind Mill Components
Today’s global economy requires increased attention to the issue of
competitiveness for Entrepreneurs.
Critical to the issue of competitiveness are:
 Inner Drive to Succeed / Self-starter
 Strong Belief / Confidence
New Ideas and Innovation / Creativity
Openness to change
High Motivation and Energy / Determination
Acceptance of constructive criticism and Rejection / Open-minded
Passion / Work ethics
Inner Drive to Succeed / Self-Starter
 See a bigger Picture and be very ambitious in what you do.
 Set Massive Goals and stay committed to achieve them
regardless of the obstacles that get in the way
 Learn by doing things.
 Have Positive mindset on what you do.
Strong Belief / Confidence
 Have Healthy Opinion of yourself and often have a strong and
assertive personality .
 Be focused and determined to achieve goals and believe completely
on the ability to achieve them.
New Ideas and Innovation / Creativity
 Have a passionate desire to do things better and improve the
products and service.
 Constantly look for ways to improve the business in competitive
 Be creative, innovative and resourceful.
Openness to change
 If something is not working simply change.
 Evolve and change with times to be top of the industry
 Be up to date with the latest technology and techniques
 Always be ready to change if there is new opportunity arise.
High Motivation and Energy /
 Always be on the move, full of energy and highly motivated.
 Have abundance of self motivation and drive towards succeed
Acceptance of constructive criticism and
Rejection / Open-minded
 Readjust the path if the criticism is constructive and useful in the
overall plan.
 If its non constructive simply disregard the comments as
 Rejection and obstacles are part of any leading business and deal
with them appropriately
Generally in Foundry Profit or Loss will be determined on the shop floor
which implies Man, Method and Management.
Monitoring and controlling the Rejection level helps if not only
increasing the output but also to limit and restricts the overall cost of
production so as to survive in a competitive market.
R&D measures to increase the yield percentage which not only
increases the productivity but also creates effective flow between
mould to metal and also better energy utilization.
Identify and eliminate the low yield items which erode the profit
Focusing and concentrating the special attention in direct
expenses which is continuously on an increasing trend and
contributes for more than 12 % of the cost of production .
As part of our contribution in shouldering corporate social
responsibility in today's Global Warming we generate energy
through Non-Conventional Energy Source by Wind Electric
By generating 10 million units of electricity through wind power we
cut through the co2 emission for better planet.
As said earlier, before installation of induction furnace for energy
consumption we planned in such a way that we started generating
power through our windmill for captive consumption.
At present we are one of the 100% captive generating plant for our
production needs.
A captive power plant is not only an alternate for energy purchase
from government authority but it also measures for tax planning.
In our view, the setting up of captive power plant by way of
mobilizing long term resources , we are repaying such term liability
instead of our revenue expenditure to Government authority towards
energy cost . As such it is a conversion of expenditure in to capital
 We also registered for CDM Benefit for our captive power plant.
Due to the continuous increase of energy cost supplied by
government authority, we are safe towards price competition
Passion is what ultimately drives a visionary to achieve his dreams
Work ethics are highly critical …. Fair treatment without
discrimination, appreciation for work done, encouragement of
commitment and loyalty, contribution to industry and nation as well,
industrial peace and harmony.
Thank You
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