presentation - Africa Progress Panel

Africa Progress Panel
Summary of the impact and influence of the
2013 Africa Progress Report
Panel Member Meeting
September 27th, 2013
Geneva, Switzerland
Part 1 – 2013 Africa Progress Report
April 2013 – Social media
campaign begins on Facebook
and Twitter, with a Fact a Day.
April 2013 – Kofi Annan films
video to demand greater
transparency from Africa's
leaders and foreign investors.
Aimed at civil society, video
released prior to launch.
May 2013 – Release of animation
based on the findings and
recommendations of the 2013
Africa Progress Report.
The European Commission, the European Parliament and the council of the
EU strike a deal on transparency of extractives industries to be later drafted
into law, similar to the US Dodd-Frank Act.
Launch – 10 May
“The Africa Progress Report is a game-changer.”
- Donald Kaberuka, President, African Development Bank
Panel op-eds
Kofi Annan – ‘Stop the plunder of
Africa’. IHT, Worldwide
Michel Camdessus – ‘La lutte contre
l’évasion fiscale: une priorité vitale
pour l’Afrique’. Libération, France
Peter Eigen – ‘A fair deal for Africans’.
National Post, Canada
Graça Machel – ‘A riqueza dos
recursos naturais de África
proporciona uma janela única de
oportunidades’. Diário de
Moçambique, Mozambique
Strive Masiyiwa – ‘Resource-rich Africa
owes it to the poor’. Mail & Guardian,
South Africa
“This is an impressive, timely and important report.”
- Claire Short, Chair of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
The Financial Times
9 May – ‘Annan report blasts
ENRC for costing Congo $725m’
10 May – ‘Progress Panel has
Congo deals in its sights’
10 May – ‘Heart of darkness inside
the Congo’ (Editorial)
12 May – ‘How we can help
African nations to extract fair
value’ (Paul Collier)
“There are many important recommendations in the Africa Progress Report.”
- Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia
Media coverage
“Once again, the Africa Progress Panel is saying what we all know but few
want to admit.”
- Lanre Akinola, Editor, This is Africa
Part 2 – Events
AU briefing – 23 May
23 MAY
The new EITI Standard, which ensures transparency around countries’ oil, gas
and mineral resources, is adopted at the EITI Global Conference in Sydney.
21-22 June – Michel Camdessus
participates in a panel with President
Mkapa and President Ouattara during
the Africa Emerging Markets Forum in
Abidjan. Presents 2013 APR.
25 June – Michel Camdessus
participates in panel discussion during
the Friends of Europe’s Development
Policy Forum in Brussels.
22-24 July – Peter Eigen facilitates
conference on Negotiation Support
Facility in Liberia.
7 September – Vatican discusses 2013
APR during Day of Reflection.
Participants include representatives
from Rio Tinto, Anglo American and
China Minmetals Corporation.
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf requests copies of the 2013 Africa Progress Report
to be distributed to her Cabinet Ministers.
Part 3 – G8
June 2013 – Strive Masiyiwa and
Caroline Kende-Robb participate in
high-level panel discussions on
natural resources and the G8 at the
Zamyn Global Citizenship Forum at
the Tate Modern in London.
June 2013 – Kofi Annan participates
in pre-G8 meetings on ‘Open
Growth: Tax, Trade and
Transparency’ in London. Our APR
video animation is broadcast.
June 2013 – Kofi Annan presents the
2013 APR at the UN Security Council.
Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, announces mandatory reporting
standards for payments made to foreign and domestic governments by
Canadian extractive companies.
“According to Kofi Annan’s
Africa Progress Panel, 12 of
the 25 countries in the
world with the highest child
mortality rates are
resource-rich African
- David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom,
cites the 2013 APR during G8 ‘Open for growth’ speech
2013 Africa Progress Report presented to G8 leaders during Summit at Lough Erne.
G8 commits to establishing the automatic exchange of information
between tax authorities as the new global standard.
APP statements on the G8
15 June – ‘David Cameron pledges
G8 action on tax havens’
17 June – ‘Global citizens need G8
to act on tax avoidance and
corruption, APP tells G8’
18 June – ‘Africa Progress Panel
Welcomes G8 communiqué’
20 June – ‘Tackle tax avoidance
and shell companies to reduce
likelihood of conflict, says Kofi
16 July – ‘G8 must keep the forward
momentum on extractives
“If you have not read the Africa Progress Report, you really should.”
- Mark Lowcock, Permanent Secretary for DFID
Part 4 – G20
July – Kofi Annan sends letters and
copies of the 2013 APR to G20
Finance Ministers and Sherpas.
16 August 2013 – Social media Fact of
the Day campaign starts. Tagline:
“G20 tax reform must benefit Africa
30 August – Kofi Annan op-ed,
‘Rewards for mining companies that
pay fair tax’, published in the
Australian Financial Review.
5 September – Kofi Annan op-ed,
‘G20: how global tax reform could
transform Africa’s fortunes’, published
in The Guardian.
10 September – APP statement on
G20 makes decision to endorse automatic information exchange as the new
global standard for governments helping each other to catch tax evaders.
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