First Baptist Church Donelson Nashville, Tennessee

First Baptist Church Donelson
Nashville, Tennessee
29 Years of Experience (1981- 2010)
Exclusively Serving the Church Market Specializing in
Church Interiors is a licensed corporation in the State of North
Carolina. Church Interiors serves churches from New York to
Florida and all states east of the Mississippi. Also included is
Texas and Louisiana. We have been in business since 1981,
and have participated in over 10,000 partial or complete
Church Interiors has an unlimited general contractor's license in
the State of Tennessee (#00061818). All of our projects are
covered by a general liability policy (#BOP9027389) in the
amount of $5,000,000.00. All workers on the job site are fully
covered individually and backed up by a worker's compensation
policy (#WC9035340).
Church Interiors has rendered services to over 100 renovations
in the Nashville area alone.
Church Interiors is endorsed and recommended by Lifeway
Christian Books Stores and The Lifeway Architectural
A. Demolition
1. Remove existing sound control table.
2. Demo front wall as needed to remove old baptistery.
3. Remove old grill cloth from 2 boxes on sanctuary ceiling, choir ceiling.
B. Construction
1. Build Sound Booth
a. Frame new sound booth in same location.
b. Install sheetrock in the inside and wainscot on the outside with
an oak cap.
c. Install laminated counter top with six drawers underneath.
2. Baptistery
a. Reframe as needed for new baptistery.
b. Install new plumbing for baptistery.
c. Furnish, deliver and Install a new fiber glass (Dry Minister)
baptistery model #8 D/E with window. Overall width 3’-7 ½”, height 3’-6”,
length 11’-5”, and depth 3’-5”.
d. Baptistery will be pre-plumbed.
e. Baptistery to have Aqua-Seal.
f. Install 5.5 KW auto fill system with drain and overflow.
g. Repair front wall where it was demoed for baptistery installation.
3. Grill Cloth
a. Install new grill cloth on 2 boxes on sanctuary ceiling, choir
Furnish all labor, materials, and expenses to provide the following
painting per the following specifications:
1. All walls shall be sanded, caulked and dusted clean prior to any
finish applications.
2. We will remove any loose caulking around trim and re-caulk all
trim throughout to facilitate good quality finish in all areas to be
3. All walls, ceiling and trim shall receive two coats of paint or as
many as needed to achieve a good quality journeyman level of
work. All paint materials will be top of the line as manufactured
by ICI Dulux or Sherwin Williams Paints. We will leave paint
formulas and one gallon of each color for the church’s future use.
4. Our painters will be responsible for touch-up work as needed
throughout the duration of work done by Church Interiors, Inc.
AREAS TO PAINT (walls, ceiling and trim):
Main sanctuary
Chancel / Pulpit area
Floor Covering
A. Furnish, deliver and install our high quality 20-year warranty Churchlon Ovation
carpet direct glue down wall to wall for the following areas:
Main Sanctuary Floor.
Steps and landings leading up to the balcony.
Balcony Steps and Risers.
Border treatment in the vestibule
Churchlon Ovation is a 40-oz. extremely durable, 100% nylon cut and loop style
commercial carpet and has a 20 year wear warranty. Because of its unique
construction, it will show less tracking, have better appearance retention, will reflect
sound better, will be more durable, and will help hide soil better than standard cut
pile carpet. Ovation is an ideal floor covering for worship areas. Churchlon Ovation
is constructed on a 1/8" gauge with 12 stitches per inch with a density factor of
5,929 ounces per cubic yard. Churchlon Ovation has permanent anti-static control
and has been treated with Teflon.
B. Furnish deliver and install Churchlon Reflection carpet direct glue down in the
following areas:
Narthex field
Churchlon Reflection is a 38 oz extremely durable, 100% continuous filament nylon
textured heather loop style commercial carpet. Churchlon Reflection is manufactured
using the Ultra Performance Backing System which gives the carpet a lifetime edge
ravel warranty and a lifetime wear warranty. Because of its unique construction
Churchlon Reflection will not show tracking, have superior appearance retention and
will reflect sound better than standard cut pile carpet.
Border Treatment
New Furnishings
Furnish, deliver and install the following church furniture
manufactured by Rugel Church Furnishings, Jefferson City,
Main Sanctuary floor:
30 pews 12’-0”
16 pews 15’-0”
2 pews 9’-0”
2 pews 10’-0”
New Furnishings (cont.)
Our proposal is based on a white waterfall
Colonial pew end 2 ¼” thick 2 ply maple with
stained caps and bases.
The pew body will be upholstered on the seat,
back and rear side of back.
All intermediate supports will be 1 1/2" thick, 2ply solid Northern Red Oak with a stained finish.
The pews will come complete with hymnbook
racks which have communion cup holders, card
and pencil holders.
The bookracks will be manufactured of solid
Northern Red Oak.
Fabric style, fabric color, and stain color to be
chosen at a later date.
General Requirements
This renovation project includes the
following general requirements:
General Liability Insurance $5,000,000.00
 Workmen’s Compensation Insurance
 Co-ordination meetings
 Dumpster
 Professional Clean-Up at end of project
Proposal Summery
I. Construction
II. Painting
III. Floor Covering
IV. New Furnishings
V. General Requirements
$ 8,500.00
Grand Total for Proposed Renovation Project
-Job Permitting
Theater seating in balcony in lieu of Pews Add…………………………….$5,000.00
This contract is for the scope of work outlined in this proposal. The church
should add an allowance of 7% to cover unforeseen items and
changes that arise during the renovation process.
We will install a YAMAHA M7CL-48 48
channel digital console in the
 We will also install five new AUDIX
MB1250 choir microphones and new
 We will also pull and terminate all
new microphone/signal cabling.
We will install two TANNOY I7
low profile column monitors
one each on the side walls of
the choir; these speakers are
designed to have even
vertical coverage and wide
horizontal coverage to help
support the choir as needed
 We will also install a new QSC
CX302 power amplifier to
drive the new choir monitors.
Install 2 60” flat screen plasma monitors
on left and right side of baptistry opening
Provide all cabling for this installation
Provide video switcher - scaler
Includes all equipment, labor, engineering,
delivery, installation and training.
Electronic Dimming System
This dimming system will have 12 scenes with multiple
preset zones of light
4 Entry stations with preset easy on buttons
This Electronic Dimming System allows full control of the
entire lighting system from master locations such as an
audio and video booth.
It controls such individual areas (zones) of the sanctuary
nave, choir, sconces, pulpit, altar, cross, communion table,
instrument areas and balcony.
Dimmers pay for themselves.
Dimming the lights 25% will save 20% on electrical costs
and makes incandescent lights lasts 4 times longer and
dimming the lights 50% returns a 40% savings on
electricity and incandescent lights will last 20 times longer.
Audio/Video Proposal Summary
$ 7,434.00
A/V Total
Renovation Summary
 Audio/Video
Total Renovation
$ 54,360.00
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