PowerPoint Presentation - Turtleboats & Monitors

To the Banks of the
The Western Theater of the Civil
Second Session
The Naval
War for the
Deep South
Battle of Mobile Bay
Confederate Blockade Runner Banshee at Galveston Bay
USS Monitor v CSS Virginia
CSS H.L. Hunley
USS Kearsarge v CSS Alabama
Anaconda Plan
US BG Ulysses S. Grant &
Flag-Officer Andrew Hull Foote
USS Congress, a typical preCivil War U.S. Navy combat ship
Steamboat on the Cumberland River
A Typical “Pook” or “Turtle” Boat, the
USS Louisville
Early Ironclad Gunboats at Cairo,
January 1862
CS Soldiers at Memphis
Fort Henry
CS Brigadier General Lloyd Tilghman
Battle of Fort Henry
CS General Albert Sydney Johnston
Cumberland River from
Fort Donelson
CS Brigadier General John Buchanan Floyd
CS Brigadier General Gideon Pillow
CS Brigadier General Simon Bolivar Buckner
Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Bedford Forrest Escaping from Ft. Donelson
CS General Pierre Gustave
Toutant Beauregard
Island No. 10 Map
USS Carondelet
Battle of Memphis
Fort Jackson
Fort Jackson Today
10-Inch Columbiad
CS Navy Ships Defending New Orleans
US Rear Admiral David Glasgow Farragut
USS Hartford
Battle of Ft. Jackson & St. Philip
80-pounder swivel-mount Dahlgren Crew on USS Brooklyn
Port Hudson
5-Minute Break!
Florida Secession Flag, 1861
Civil War Florida
Columbus, c. 1864
Columbus Iron Works
CSS Jackson
Wilson’s Raid
CSS Chattahoochee
USS Adela
Union Naval Blockade
CSS Chicora and Palmetto State
Confederate Blockade Runners
Ella and Annie
Blockade Runner Robert E. Lee
CSS H.L. Hunley
Hunley in Action
USS Housatonic
Hunley today
Sentry at Hatteras Inlet, 1862
Union Fleet at Hatteras Inlet
Bombardment of Fort Clark
USMC At Ft. Hatteras
CSA Brigadier Generals Richard Caswell Gatlin, Henry
Alexander Wise and Lawrence O’Bryan Branch
US Admiral L. M. Goldsborough and
Brigadier General Ambrose Burnside
Battle of Roanoke Island
9th New York Infantry Regiment
“Hawkins’ Zouaves ”
1861 Carolinas Coast Map
US Major General Benjamin Franklin Butler
and Rear Admiral David Dixon Porter
CS General Braxton Bragg and
Major General William Henry Chase Whiting
US Major General Alfred Howe Terry
Mobile Bay
CS Admiral Franklin Buchanan and his flagship,
the CSS Tennessee
Battle of Mobile Bay
Farragut on the USS Hartford
Fort Morgan After the Battle
Fort Sumter At The End
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