The Lloyd George Song - bedstone


Well I’d walk from ’ere to Skipton,

Ten miles o’ clarty [muddy] lane

If I could see him face to face

I’d thank him for his pain.

Chorus: He took me out of the workhouse

And he gives me life that’s free,

Five shillings a week for cheating death,

That’s what Lloyd George gives me.

Well he gives me leet [light] an’ firing [heating]

And flour to bake me bread

And tea to mash me every meal

And sup until I’m dead,

And I’ve nowt to do but thank him

An’ make a cross with t’ pen [vote],

Five shilling a week for nowt but that,

Aye, he’s the best of men.

Well I don’t know much about politics,

But I do love that lord,

For he spends ’is money like a king

When other folks is lowered,

And I know lots of old fellers

Who are past their seventieth year,

Lloyd George he addles brass for them [Gives them money]

To buy a sup o’ beer.

Well if my old man were here today

He’d say that I spoke true,

Though ’e never liked them Liberal lot

And he always voted blue [Conservative]

But parson’s wife she told me

That soon we’re going to t’ poll [have a General Election]

Well I hope she’s right, I’ll vote for him

With all me heart and soul.

Well Ah don’t know where ’e comes from

Happen [Maybe] it’s down Leeds way,

But every night an’ morning

For ’is long life I’ll pray.