art zulu

Shahd Fakhroo
Ghada Al Naimi
Maha Al Kaabi
Al-Maha Al-Sulaiti
Zulu is a tribe in Africa
In South Africa
Zulus are the
largest population
Their traditional
home is in
Zululand which is
a place in Natal.
The women
wear isicholo,
a wide hat
made of straw
and decorated
with beads
Significance: Beadwork is made by the women
where they send it to the man they like and
they would wear it around their necks.
In the beadwork each color represents
something for example:
White: Love
Black: Mourning, loneliness and
Pink: Poverty
Green: Lovesickness or jealousy
Blue: Loyalty
Red: Tears and desire
Yellow: Wealth
Striped beads: Doubt
Men usually wear the beadwork to show that
they are involved with women they might
marry. It is also a way for the women and men
to communicate avoiding them to talk.
In Africa masks can be traced back to well past
Paleolithic times. These art objects were, and
are still made of various materials, included are
leather, metal, fabric and various types of wood
And they range in size from 16 inches to 8.
'Secret Masks’
The Zulu people call some of their masks
How does the environment of the culture
influence their artistic creation?
Activity 1: Making Bracelets
Activity 2: Creating Masks
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