Benchmark Test review, 12/17/12 How did geography affect life in

Ancient China
In the SW, the
settlement, a high
plateau lies north
of these
mountains and the
weather is
extremely cold all
year around.
Ancient China
To the north of
this plateau lies
desert land, where
temperatures are
too hot in summer
and too cold in
winter to make a
good place for
people to live.
---- The Tibet-Qinghai Plateau
Some groups did
roam the area,
raising livestock
and moving
from place to
place, but life
was hard for
Inner and
Outer China
Inner China, hills, valleys,
and plains are easy to
Rivers provide fertile land
for farming.
Most Chinese chose to
make their homes in Inner
The North China Plain, and
to the south the low river
plains of the middle and
lower Chang Jiang Basins.
Inner and
Outer China
1. The major
rivers of
ancient China
flowed down
from the
Inner and
Outer China
2. What three natural
barriers, shown on the
map, helped protect
Inner China from
Tibet-Qinghai Plateau;
Taklimakan Desert;
Turfan Depression;
Gobi desert,
Yellow Sea,
East China Sea,
South China Sea
Inner and
Outer China
3. What is one factor
that may have made
east-west travel easier
than north-south travel
within Inner china in
ancient times?
The Huang He and the
Chang Jiang ran west to
east, allowing people
and goods to travel by
Inner and
Outer China
Present-day China is the
third largest country in
the world, after Russian
and Canada. China
includes about 3.7
million square miles.
With a population of
about 1.2 billion, more
people live in China
than in any other
Inner and
Outer China
4. Of all the
countries in
the world,
China has the
most people.
Inner and Outer China
5. Why did
fewer people
settle in Outer
China than
Inner China?
The Climate
was more
Inner and
Outer China
6. In Inner China, which
natural events
improved the soil?
(Modern China built was
the largest Damns in
the world to control
Inner and Outer China
7. Why is the TibetQinghai Plateau
called the “Roof of
the World”?
It is very high
above sea level,
Average 13,500,
two miles above
sea level
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