landforms PP

A natural formation or area of land, like a mountain,
valley, or plain.
A landform that is higher
than the area around it and
has a peak.
“Himalayan Mountains”
A landform that rises up
like a mountain, but has
a flat surface on top.
Colorado Plateau
A wide, flat area of land.
Pictured: Kansas Plains
An area of land that is surrounded by water.
A deep narrow valley
with steep sides and
often with a stream
flowing through it.
Pictured: Grand Canyon
A large area of water
that is part of an
ocean or lake and
partly surrounded by
The land along or near a
sea or ocean.
Pictured: Oregon Coast
An area of low land
between hills and
Pictured: Shenandoah Valley
An area of very dry land
that is usually covered
with sand and is very hot.
Pictured: Sahara Desert
A piece of land that is
almost entirely surrounded
by water and is attached
to a larger land area.
Pictured: Map of Florida
What kind of landform does this picture
A.) mountain
B.) canyon
C.) valley
D. ) plateau
What kind of landform is the country of
A.) bay
B.) valley
C.) island
D.) plain
What might you find on a prairie?
Which might be the BEST place to
grow crops?
A.) forests
B.) grasses
A.) on a grassy plain
C.) oceans
B.) on the side of a cliff
D.) mountains
C.) down in a canyon
D.) on top of a mountain
What kind of landform is lower
than the area around it?
How are a plateau and mountain
A.) island
A.) A plateau is never high like a mountain.
B.) plains
B.) A plateau is pointed and a mountain is
C.) valley
D.) range
C.) A plateau has a flat top and a mountain
has a peak.
D. A plateau must be rocky and a mountain
must be grassy.
What kind of landform does this picture show?
A.) canyon
B.) plain
C.) coast
D.) range
Florida is a landform called a
Peninsula. What is a Peninsula?
A.) A large piece of land that is totally
surrounded by water.
B.) A kind of land that rises up high and has
a peak.
C.) A landform that is surrounded by water
on three sides.
D.) A small body of water that has land on
three of its sides.
Why might you find clam water inside
a bay?
A.) A bay does not have enough water to
make a wave.
B.) Animals build dams to stop rivers from
flowing into a bay.
C.) The rocky plain on the ocean floor keeps
the water clam.
D. Land on three sides of the water can help
block strong winds.
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