Bugs and Beetles: Isopods

Isopods have 14 legs that all function the
Segmented overlapping shell (seven
overlapping plates).
Like most insects it has three parts: head,
thorax, and abdomen. It also has three pairs
of legs.
They go through complete metamorphsis like
butterflies and moths.
 Egg
 Larvae (mealworms)
 Pupa
 Adult Beetle
Life Cycle
Environemental Preference refers to the mix
of environmental factors that you choose to
have around you.
Name some of your prefered environments.
Isopods and darkling beetles have different
prefered environment.
Both Isopods and Darkling Beetles prefer
dark environments.
Isopods are related to crayfish and crabs, like
these aquatic organisms isopods breathe
through gill-like organs instead of lungs.
Isopods prefer moist environments where
they feed off decaying plants material.
Often found in leaf litter and rotting wood.
They have no need
for moisture in tehir
environment . They
get all the water
they need through
the grains they eat.
Darkling beetles
prefer a warm dry
Beetle: A type of insect with special forewings,
which form hardened wing covers that cover a
second pair of wings.
Isopod: A small crustacean with 14 legs that all
function the same.
Preferred environment: The set of
environmental conditions that an organism
appears to choose over other conditions.
Variable: Something that can be changed.
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