Marine Exploration by Mateo Cammarota Snorkeling is one of the

Marine Exploration
Mateo Cammarota
Snorkeling is one of the ways to explore
life in the ocean.
Snorkeling equipment consists of four things.
Diving mask
Using snorkeling equipment, a swimmer is
observing the ocean creatures living on a coral
Scuba diving is a way for us to explore the ocean
free of restriction from the surface.
Compass, depth recorder,
and pressure gauge
Air tank
Scuba gear consists of three
primary things.
Here a scuba diver is exploring a coral reef over 20ft.
below the surface which is far too deep for a
Deep-Sea submersibles are a way for us to study the
mysterious world of the deep ocean without being
crushed by the tremendous pressure of the ocean.
The Alvin is just one of dozens of deep-sea
The Nereid is a deep sea submersible used to
collect samples from the deep. The equipment
it uses is common in most submersibles.
Submersibles are slowly lowered from the
ship’s deck into the water by a robotic arm.
After being released into the water, the submersible
then slowly descends deep into the ocean.
Deep beneath the ocean, the water is dark and
murky, reducing visibility as you can see.
View portals allow us to see the amazing life deep below
the surface from the comfort of the submersible.
The deep sea has been and still is a mystery to us. It
is only recently that we have been able to explore
the deep. In fact, the vast majority of life in the
deep sea has yet to be discovered.
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