The Lenape Indians
Lenape means “real men” but when English settlers came they renamed them
“The Delaware”. When the Europeans came they gave the Lenape a hard time
but the Lenape didn’t give up.
Lenape Territory
As you can see the Lenape territory ran along much of the Atlantic coast like
New Jersey, eastern New York , Delaware , and Pennsylvania.
Before Meeting the Europeans
Before meeting the Europeans the Lenape Indians lived like this. Above is a
reconstructed Delaware village in waterloo New Jersey , the bark covered long
house at the rear would have sheltered a dozen people.
Meeting the Europeans
In 1524 the Lenape encounter their first white men when Giovanni De
Verrazano sails up the Atlantic Coast. They interact freely with the Europeans
and enjoy trading supplies with them when they first meet.
Infected With Small Pox
To try to control and take over the Lenape, Lord Amherst sent a task force of
450 veteran solders under Col. Henry Bouquet. Then on his instructions the fort
commander invited the Delaware attackers to present them with blankets
infected with small pox spreading disease throughout their tribe.
Signing The Walking Treaty
In 1736 the Lenape Sign the walking treaty which takes away the Lenape claim
to land in eastern Pennsylvania causing them to lose more of their land. They
signed nearly 800 deeds giving most of their Lenape land away.
The Peace Treaty
Later the Delaware and the Shawnee stopped fighting the British in late 1764 but peace
was not formalized until July 1765. The treaty with the Delaware was signed by sir
William Johnson .
Saying Goodbye
From 1818 through 1840 all of the remaining Delaware's move to Indiana and
other western states, they are forced out by white settlers , and move farther
west and north , separating the tribe forever.
By: Jacob Wilber
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