ASIRI_MOUM - Ocean Mixing Group

Air-Sea Interaction Research Initiatives
ASIRI-OMM (with India)
ASIRI-EBOB (with Sri Lanka)
The role of the Bay of Bengal for
Monsoon Prediction
Amit Tandon, UMass Dartmouth
on behalf of the ASIRI PIs
ONR Review Chicago
Sept 2013
χpods in ASIRI
Results from the first multi-year ocean
turbulence measurements
• when surface heat flux (red line) >
subsurface turbulence heat flux (blue line)
sea surface heats
• when surface heat flux <
subsurface turbulence heat flux
sea surface cools
Thus explaining seasonal cooling of the Pacific
equatorial cold tongue despite continual
annual heating by atmosphere
Courtesy: Moum / Shroyer
ASIRI Objective
quantify monsoon-induced subsurface
heat, salt, momentum fluxes from long
time series measurements
Moum, Perlin, Nash & McPhaden, 2013 (Nature)
Planned ASIRI Deployments
10 χpods on NRL EBoB moorings in Southern BoB / December 2013
single χpods on RAMA moorings (15 m) 12N and 15N, 90E / November 2013
χpods on WHOI mooring
wave period profiling of upper ocean
Title Color
Courtesy: PI scientist
• Science 1
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