Any violation of the above rules will disqualify your team from

Last date of nomination : 25-11-2014
Rules & Regulations
Rules:Tennis Ball Match (Mercury +)
Team squad of 15 Members should be declared with us on or before 25th Nov 2014 along with the entry fee Rs.6,500.
8 overs for league and 10 overs for quarter final & semi-final matches and 12 overs for final.
Bat will not provided by the organising committee.
If keeper need to bowl, he need to field for one over and then he is eligible for bowling
Sandals will not be accepted for this tournament and players need to wear full track pants & shoes.
One player should play in one team only.
Your team Players should be part of your company only,
 Players need to bring your Employee ID cards.
Any violation of the above rules will disqualify your team from continuing in the tournament.
Rules & Regulations
Regulations:Umpire decision is final, for any argument and if batsman is appealing for bowler is chucking, umpire need to decide
whether the bowler is continue to be bowl (if bowler is not chucking) or amended(bowling is chucked).
Conducting 3 League matches per team .
No new players will be entertained to play other than list of players shared with us. If players are added newly, that team
will be disqualified.
Team should be reported on or before the scheduled time; in case of any delay which exceeds 15 minutes, the opponent
team will be declared as winner.
If match is tie, super over will be conducted.
If any bad behaviour and communication among the players, team will be disqualified.
Team should have minimum 11 players to play, if not that team will be disqualified.
In any circumstances, the amount deposited will not be refunded.
In case of any bad weather, that particular match will be postponed and the date will be decided and declared by the
Refreshments: (2 Lts Soft drinks & Fruits) will be provided to every team for every match conducted by the committee.
Prize Details
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
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