bes9 - lingacom

David Yaish, CEO
Topics we would like to participate:
Call - BES-9-2014
Call - DRS-16-2014
Interest: as a PARTNER
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Our detection technology utilizes the natural flux of Cosmic Ray Muons to detect and
confirm the presence of Shielded Nuclear Materials hidden in cluttered containerized
cargos and in vehicles.
Cosmic Ray Muons are: High Energy Natural Atmospheric Cosmic Ray Muon.
Muons: the most penetrating charged particles on Earth and the only particles that
penetrates all containers / vehicles that may contain high-Z materials.
Lingacom utilizes unique detection method (MMSA).
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MMSA = MUON’S Multiple Scattering Analysis Technology.
High PD (Probability of Detect) and low FAR (False Alarm Rate).
Reliable, Passive, Green Detection Technology for hidden Shielded Nuclear Materials
in containerized cargos and in vehicles at the following segments :
Protection of Border Security by inspections of large volume freight (Call - BES-9-2014)
Protection of Critical Infrastructure (Call - DRS-16-2014 )
Ports - Borders
Air Transport
Critical Infrastructure
Civil Events Protection
Commercial Enterprises
Multinationals Corp
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Developing Concept of Operations under real-life scenarios.
Integrating Lingacom’s solution into the overall security flow.
Testing Lingacom solution co-existence with other detection technologies and products.
Testing the Concept of Operation and the solution in real environment and under reallife scenarios (including cluttered cargos).