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American Institute of Steel Construction
Charlie Carter
Vice President and Chief Structural Engineer
Specification for Safety-Related Steel Structures for Nuclear Facilities
• The current specification was recently completed and replaces the 2006
• Major changes include:
– A general update to remain aligned with ANSI/AISC 360-10, Specification for
Structural Steel Building
– Revisions to load combinations involving wind loads to align with ASCE/SEI 710, Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures
– Revisions to chapter on Fabrication and Erection
– A new chapter on Quality Control and Quality Assurance
Specification for Safety-Related Steel Structures for Nuclear Facilities
• The committee has just started the next code cycle and is evaluating
prospective changes for the 2017 edition.
• A special Supplement dealing with composite, modular wall construction is
currently under development and will be issued prior to the next edition
of N690 to address the recommendations of NESCC – Concrete Codes and
Standards for Nuclear Power Plants: Recommendations for Future
Development. (June 2011)
Adhoc Subcommittee
Modular Composite Construction
Subcommittee on Modular Composite
• Task: Development of Design, Analysis, Materials,
Fabrication, and Erection of SC structures
• Contributors: Design companies, NSSS vendors,
utilities, fabricator, and regulator
• Deliverable: Appendix N9 to N690
• Progress: approximately 90% of the subcommittee
work is complete
• Schedule:
– Draft for Main Committee ballot: July 2013
– Final ANSI approved and released document: May 2015
Highlights of Appendix N9:
Specification for Steel-Plate Composite (SC) Walls in
Safety-Related Structures for Nuclear Facilities
• Design Requirements
• Design for Compression
– Load Combinations
• Design for out-of-plane
– Compactness
• Analysis Requirements
• Design for in-plane and
– Effective Stiffness
out-of-plane shear
– Geometric and material
• Design for combined
– Accidental Thermal
• Connection Design
• Design for impactive
• Design for Tension
and impulsive loads
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