June 12-15, 2014 Mauritius Conference

DE CHAZAL & ASSOCIATES invites you to
The CPA Associates International Asia Pacific
Conference 2014
Thursday 12th June – Sunday 15th June 2014
Mauritius is a fascinating, world-inone-island slice of paradise
The Republic of Mauritius is an
island nation situated on the south
western side of the Indian Ocean.
When reality subsides, the dream
begins, of an island, between sky
and sea, of a tropical garden arising
from the blue, emerald green
waters of the lagoon.
Mauritius regroups some of
the world's loveliest beaches.
Each having its particularity
and tropical marine flora and
fauna, sheltered by coral reefs.
The turquoise lagoons, golden
sand, and warm sun as you
never did! Each beach will
leave unforgettable souvenirs..
In the small islands of
Mauritius, you are sure to
have a day of relaxation
and fun on one of the
picture-postcard beaches,
and to enjoy a swim and
snorkeling in the lagoon.
Luxuriant tropical
vegetation, water falls
with mountain
landscape as
backdrop, cane fields
and villages entice the
exploration of some
subtle and charming
Looking for a taste of adventure?
Here Europe meets India,
China, Africa and so on.
Who would imagine that
such unique and diversified
customs thrives on such a
small place?
Mauritius is a
paradise for the
senses, not only
for the eyes with
its beautiful
landscape, but
also for the
Diversity is the keyword in the
Mauritian cuisine, which consists
of a mixture of Indian, European
and Chinese cuisine. Once you
try Mauritian food… you won’t
be able to give it up.
Thirsty? The Mauritian drinks are waiting for you
The main drink in Mauritius and you must not miss to
drink it, is the famous rum which is produced from sugar
Mauritius has also its local beer
known as Phoenix beer.
It is considered as being one of
the best beers in the world.
Mauritius hotels enjoy the envying
attention of wanderlusts who give utmost
importance to the supremacy of luxury.
Spangled with cutting edge amenities,
holistic facilities and excellent hospitality
these - all inclusive hotels in Mauritius will redefine your definition of a
retreating paradise.
Conference location – Sun Resorts Hotel
Sun Resorts Mauritius is a major
Mauritian hotel group that currently
owns and manages five resorts in
Mauritius - Le Touessrok, Long Beach,
Sugar Beach Resort, La Pirogue, and
This is only to say bon (happy) voyaz (voyage) as would be said in Mauritian lingo.
To this island, where everything's spells magic: of its beautiful nature, of its
people hospitality, rich and colourful culture, to confer a lifetime experience, a
taste of paradise…
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