Introduction to Neogeography (Citizen Mapping) &
Online Mapping (Google Earth, ArcExplorer)
Web 2.0 and the Neogeographer
•You don’t need to be a professional cartographer to create a map
•You don’t need to be a programmer to create a mapping application
Neogeography : Essentially, Neogeography is about people using and
creating their own maps, on their own terms and by combining elements
of an existing toolset. Andrew Turner, 2007.
Citizen Mapping Projects
 Urban
 Open
Forest Map : http://www.urbanforestmap.org/map/
Street Map : openstreetmap.org
: http://www.urbanforestmap.org/map
OpenStreetMap vs Google
Google Maps
You try it
 openstreetmap.org
Google Maps
With Google Maps you can create personalized,
annotated, customized maps. Your maps can contain:
- Placemarks
- Lines
- Shapes
Once you have created a map, you can:
 Add descriptive text, including rich text and HTML
 Embed photos and videos in your map
 Share your maps with others
 Import KML or GeoRSS to your map
 Open your map in Google Earth
Interactive Mapping Websites
 Basic
Mapping Program
 Access to information
 Visual display of resources
 Customizability
 User added?
Interactive Mapping Websites
Tennessee's Enterprise GIS Portal
City of New York Interactive Map
Internet Mapping
mapping service allows you to create maps on
their server, on the internet. You don’t need any
special programs downloaded because you are
creating a map on a server that provides you with
the ability to interact with their software and data.
 These
types of sites vary with features – with some
allowing you only basic input, whereas others
support customizable legends, titles, and selective
Google Earth
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