Snickers - Tyler McNicholas

By Tyler McNicholas
Snickers is made by
Mars Incorporated
Snickers has annual
global sales of $2
Introduced in 1930
There are many
variations including
Snickers peanut
butter, Snickers with
almonds, and even
Snickers ice cream
The “Not going anywhere for
awhile?” “Grab a Snickers”
Ad campaign began in the
late 1990s.
These commercials featured
someone making a mistake
and ending with a voice over
of “Not going anywhere for
awhile, grab a snickers.”
Snickers was a sponsor of the
NFL during this time and the
commercials were often run
during the games.
These ads used humor to
grab the audience’s attention
Snickers strives to be
the most popular
candy bar on
Snickers was voted
the second favorite
Halloween candy
behind Reese’s.
Snickers is most
remembered on
Halloween for their
creepy ad campaign.
•Snickers often uses word play in
their advertisements.
•The word play was used in ads
on television, radio, and on
•The word play was often
•These ads continued their ad
campaign that relied on humor.
This ad campaign was launched
during the super bowl in 2010.
Their commercial during the
super bowl was ranked by
ADBOWL as the best
advertisement of the year.
This ad campaign continued in
2011 and is still the ongoing ad
campaign for Snickers.
These advertisements use
celebrity spokes people
including Betty White, Abe
Vigoda, Richard Lewis, and
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