140206-External Team Recon-Land Nav Brief-BEO

Land Navigation
• This brief will explain the outcomes, resource
and training requirements needed to execute
the land navigation portions of the
SANDHURST Competition.
• *This is not to provide details on the execution
of the actual route or land navigation event.
Land Navigation
• Analyzing terrain and its effects on friendly operations
• Planning and executing the dismounted movement of
their unit to directed/desired locations
• Communicating, with confidence, movement plans to
• Knowing their current location at all times
• Intuitively recognizing the time required to complete
dismounted movements and understanding how
weather, terrain, and fatigue effect that time
Land Navigation
• While moving from event to event, squads will
move as one unit (squad of 9 personnel)
• While executing the land navigation event,
squads may break down to no less than four
(4) personnel (each element with 1 x USMA
issued radio)
Land Navigation
Execution – Land Nav Event
• Land Navigation event will be scored as a
separate event from the route
• Evaluates the squads ability to analyze and
move through micro terrain
• Evaluates the squad leaders ability to
command and control his subordinate units
Land Navigation
• Sandhurst Land Navigation will use two type
of maps
– The route will use 1:25,000 military Maps
• MGRS WGS 84 Datum (18T WL 76654 80792)
• Large format provided
– Land Navigation site will use 1:10,000 or 1:25,000
special Land Navigation Maps
• UTM Datum (18T 576654mE 4580792mN)
• 8.5” x 11” format
Land Navigation
Maps – 1:25,000 Military
Land Navigation
Maps – Land Nav Special
Land Navigation
• Marking on both the route and land
navigation event will use punches to identify
the correct point
• The route will be marked with Standard Land
Navigation markers
Land Navigation
• CSS:
– All required competition equipment will be carried
through the route
– compass
– No binoculars required
– 1:25,000 Maps issued to Squad Leaders; other
maps issued upon arrival to events
Land Navigation
Mission Command
• C&S
– Rehearsal opportunities will be available during
the External Team Training
– Radios will be carried by each moving element
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