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S J Pens
Woodcraft & Penturning
How I make my pens
Select pen components and turning
Mark the stock to pen tube size
slightly oversized for trimming later.
Cutting pen stock on a band saw.
After cutting.
Drilling the blank (pen stock) on a drill
Close up view.
Two Parts Epoxy for gluing the tube to
pen blank.
Applying epoxy to tube.
Inserting tube with a twisting
motion to spread the glue evenly.
Final stage of tube insertion.
Disc sander with special jig for
squaring the edges.
Squaring the edges of the blank.
After squaring blank to tube.
Blank with pen bushes for mounting
on lathe for turning.
Blank mounted on wood lathe ready
for turning.
Ready to turn square blank round
using chisel with carbide inserts
Turning away and making sawdust.
More sawdust and taking shape.
Turned to near finished size.
Turning with a high speed steel skew
chisel for a final smooth finish.
Measuring the barrel.
Dry Sanding with 9-step Micro Mesh.
Micro Mesh from 1500 to 12000 grit
Cleaning with DNA
(Denatured Alcohol)
Applying thin Cyanoacrylate (Super
Glue) as a finish.
Building up with 8 coats of
Wet sanding with Micro Mesh for a
glass like durable finish.
The finished pen barrel with a
beautiful finish
Pen Press for assembling the Pen
Pressing pen components to barrel
Finished Pen
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